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Daren Cilau.

12.8.89. Vince Simmonds, Rob Taviner, Steve Redwood and Pete Bolt.

The aim of this trip was for Pete to attempt a dive in Duke Sump just beyond St. David¬ís.  We left Pete disappearing into the sump then made our way back to Hard Rock Cafe to brew up and wait.  We had a look round for some food and managed to find some rice and a 'boi l-in-the-bag, - Pete had already claimed this as his.  We had only just started cooking when Pete arrived complaining of 'no vis', he was however still hungry so we continued cooking. 25 minutes later the rice was ready and so was the 'boil-in-a-bag.  The rice was dished out and the 'boil-in-a-bag' opened to reveal ...... a whistle, matches and two bars of chocolate - a very tasty Survival Kit.  The rice ended up very bland!