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New Cuthbert's Leader Form.

A new form for applying to become a Cuthbert’s leader has been issued, available at the Belfry. The qualifications are necessary (recommended by the St. Cuthbert’s leaders meeting and ratified by the BEC committee: -

a)                  It is considered that the applicant is unlikely sufficient knowledge of the cave system in less than 15 trips.

b)                  It is advisable that the applicant is shown around the cave system by as many different routes as is possible, and must cover all known areas of the cave. Particular emphasis be placed upon the forbidden routes to prevent damage to formations.

c)                  The applicant is encouraged to ensure that he or she is shown around the cave system by as many current leaders as is practicable.  This application is likely to be unsuccessful if most of the qualifying trips are signed by one leader.

d)                  Some of the qualifying trips shall be carried out in conjunction with ‘tourist trip parties’ as booked by the Caving Secretary of the Bristol Exploration club or guest leaders of other clubs.

e)                  The applicant must satisfy a nominated leader for his final qualifying trip before his application will considered.  The nominated leader will be selected by the Sec or Caving Sec of the Bristol Exploration Club.

f)                    The applicant must show their current third party liability Insurance certificate to the current Hon. Sec of the Bristol Exploration Club before the application will be considered.

The Good Old Days

From the Yorkshire Rambler's Club Journal Vol VII No 21 .1934.

"The Craven Pot-hole Club camp in 1932 covered the week-ends 24th and 31st July.  Number of descents. 79.  On 27th Fell Beck was in flood.  18 inches up the wench and again on the 29th."