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Membership Changes

Three ex-members have rejoined the club.   They are: -

620       Phil Coles.        Totterdown. Bristol
582       Chris Hall          Redhill. Bristol
570       Joy Scovell (nee Steadman).       Transvaal. South Africa.

We also welcome two new members who are: -

Sharon BeattIe.              Horfleld. Bristol
Roberst Bragg.              Odd Down. Bath

Eastwater Clean Up

It may nave escaped the notice of a lot or people that the BEC has, as of the early eighties, decided to adopt Eastwater Cavern under the ‘Descent adopt a cave scheme’, whereby the cave adopted is visited on a regular basis (it is, by the way). No clearing trips have been undertaken for a couple of years, however, though small amounts of crap are being carried out on various tourist - digging trips.  The amount of spent carbide and general rubbish in the cave is really quite amazing; three tackle bags full between the crossroads and the entrance, including two odd boots from Dolphin Chimney and unbroken lemonade bottles, several months ago on a tourist trip:  So what?

Well, we're having a clean up trip on Saturday morning the 7th of April.  Tackle bags provided free of charge.  It is time to start these clean up trips on a regular basis before the cave starts smelling and looking like many caves in Burrington.  So please make an effort to be there.

Graham Johnson