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I received the following letter from Dizzie Tompsett-Clark earlier this year, addressed to J'Rat, the librarian at the time.  I mentioned it to Alfie and discovered that he used to get lifts from London in Postle's magnificent machine at that time.

Also enclosed with the letter was a generous donation to the B.E.C. - Thanks Dizzie!

Sept.8th 1989

Dear Tony,

I was so surprised at seeing my name in print in the recent B.B. (re additions to the Libraryvia the intrepid  Angus) that I have been inspired to send a few more booklets to you.

My memories go back to Main's Barn time around 1945, and Postle's triumphant arrivals from the Admiralty Establishment in Surrey in his fabulous sporty Lea Francis.  On high days and holidays (mostly Saturday nights) kind friends used to remove the distributor before a booze up, as otherwise Poth had a penchant for roaring around Priddy Green as a finale to the evening - an occupation looked on with some disfavour by local hard-working early-rising country folk.

Anyway all Good Wishes to the B.E.C. - long may it live!

Yours sincerely