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Meets List  (Provisional)

This is a brief list given to me by Snablet.  More details can be found at The Belfry or direct from Snablet.

Xmas/New Year

Jan 27th

Jan 28th

Feb 10th

Feb 11th

Feb 24th



Mar 10th

Mar 11th

Mar 24th


King Pot



Little Neath River Cave

Gower - caving, digging, learning to surf, climbing, drinking (and apparently there's a high viaduct en route!)


Nick Pot





South Wales







Easter Apr 13-16 International Speleo-fest?  Caving in Belgium and the Ardenne?

Bits. Pieces and Snippets.

The author of "Mendip Fauna", in the August B.B., was Jingles.  This was not revealed at the time in case he might have to do a Salman Rushdie.  No death threats were received, however.  Jingles has, nevertheless, skipped the country and is, I believe, spending six months in Germany.

Alan Thomas, the club archivist is desperately in need of a filing cabinet and asks whether any member can lay his or her hands on a second-hand one really cheap (or free).

Clare Coase is coming to England at the end of March accompanied by her son Damien and his wife Nan.  Damien will be going down St. Cuthbert's to see Don's plaque.

Overheard in the Hunters:

            Stranger            How do you get to drink out of a pewter tankard?
            Local    Buy one.
            Stranger            How much are they?
            Local    They're all different prices.
            Stranger            Oh. Well how much is that one?

contributed by Alan Thomas

Working and Social work day at the Belfry second Saturday in March 1990

One and all are urged by Mr.N - hut engineer to descend upon the Belfry for a "Working Day" on the second Saturday in March.  Working members stopping overnight will not be charged hut fees.  Non-workers double!  A "Belfry Binder" will be cooked on the Saturday night and hopefully a "Star" personality will entertain us with a lively slide show, prior to the evening session at The Hunters, followed possibly by a barrel. For further details contact Mr. N or Zot.