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Caving Secretary’s Report

All in all 1988/89 has been a healthy year for the club on the caving front.  A lot of commitment has been put into the various digging projects.

Bowery corner has been extended by the Wednesday nighters for another 100 soul destroying feet, following the shale/limestone boundary horizontally and showing every sign of putting up a good fight.


Graham Johnson's dig (Welsh's Green) has a 400ft extension in an exquisitely distasteful, mud filled bedding in the blue lias and carries one of the most enticing draughts on Mendip.

A fresh assault is being carried out on Wigmore and hopes are high for an extension here (sounds familiar!) as we soon expect to break out of the Red Marl.

Zot, Trebor, Mac and Mike Wilson have put a great deal of effort into the building of another dam in Cuthbert's and Mac has set the wheels in motion for another push on the sump in October.  (This was cancelled - ed.)

In Wookey, Stumpy, Trebor et al have been resurveying the system with a view to a dry route from twenty to twenty four.

In Daren Cilau, the Rock Steady Crew have extended the system for a few hundred metres and are just 60 metres from Aged Allwedd.  The main dig is now directed towards the unknown region beyond the Aggy sumps and hopefully off into the system under Llangynydr.

In Austria. Snablet and Mongo took part in the pushing trip down Orkanhohle, finally bottoming the cave at -? metres (let's hope we get an expedition report this year?)

A good time was had by all in Transylvania and Loopy would like to thank Rohan for the contraceptive properties of their zips!

Various BEC members have got everywhere this year - The States, France, Ireland and Australia to mention but a few, but the award for the most notably excessive member must surely go to Jim Smart for his 'high profile' capture by communist guerrillas in the Philippines.

I shan't be standing for the committee this year as I have other commitments.  I would like to wish the best of luck to my successor.

Mark Lumley