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Tackle Master's Report

On taking over the job of tackle master my first task was to find the tackle!  There wasn't a ladder in the store! and as usual not one ladder had been booked out!  I had to borrow a ladder from the Wessex to go caving and on returning it they informed me they had two of ours!

Eventually over two or three weeks I managed to ear-bend, grumble and cajole people into returning the ladders and we have ended up with 10.  This has become the basic number held in the store throughout the year. The funny thing is they are not the same 10 ladders! that I inspect regularly.

Quite a few ladders have also come back from Hunter's Hole, Eastwater and Daren after quite a few months/years in the caves and have basically been scrapped.  I am in full agreement with the leaving of tackle in caves like West End and Daren due to the basic difficulties and the frequent visits.  However, I would recommend that we construct/buy 100' of ladder with S/S wire to enable them to stand up to the effects of being left underground for months at a time.

The basic 10 ladders appear to cover the needs of most people for caves locally though we have sufficient rungs etc. to construct another 6 when the need arises.  Thanks to Zot we now have a jig capable of setting up a ladder completely.

Thanks also to Nigel Taylor for obtaining and installing a key cabinet to hold the tackle store key - members should be aware that their Belfry key will open it.

The SRT equipment has been used on a few times for away trips and the system is working well.  It would be nice to see this equipment being used more frequently by members.

Finally, reflecting back over the year the tackle is being signed out and back by members at last but I am still puzzled by the way our ladders are cycled.  We have a 12" spacing ladder at the moment, could somebody exchange it for a good 10" spacing!

Mac 07-10-89