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This is the end of my year as Editor of the Belfry Bulletin.  As usual, the major problem has been the shortage of material.  Now, however, for the first time, I find myself with one or two articles in hand.  Is this a ploy, I ask?

As I mentioned above, I have only produced five B.B.’s this year.  In the old days this would have been unacceptable.  If there are any volunteers to produce more, apply here!

If, however, the club accepts the situation, I am prepared to continue for another year.  You never know, I may get articles, anecdotes and news items by the dozen!

Ted Humphreys

University of Bristol Spelaeological Society Sessional Meetings 1989/90

I received the following letter ages ago, requesting that be published in the B.B., and produce it as it came:-

I would be grateful if you could publish the following illustrated talks in your newsletter or periodical with an invitation to members/readers to attend.  The meetings will be in the UBSS Spelio Rooms at the Students Union (2nd floor), Queen’s Road, Bristol between 8pm and about 9.30pm on Wednesday evenings.

1 November 1989.  “The History of Cave Photography" by Chris Howes.

6 December 1989.  "Caving in Australasia" by Dick Willis.

14 February 1990. "The Black Holes of Mexico" by Mark Lumley.

9 May 1990.   "Recent research into Calamine mining and some by-ways in Cave Archaeology in Western Mendip” by Chris Richards

Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,  Bob Williams