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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys


Well, I seem to have messed it up again!  In the last B.B.  I put in the names and addresses of several new members.  I got their names right but got Richard Blake's and Nicholas Cornwell-Smith's addresses and telephone numbers wrong!  These will be in the next B.B. (in the complete address list!). The worst offence of all, however, was to leave Vincent Simmonds out altogether, sorry Vince!  Vince's membership number is 1128, his complete address etc. will be in the next B.B., due out in time for Christmas.

Unlike Alfie, who used to produce B.B.’s every month, I have only managed five this year.  This one, however, is only a month after the last one. I can thus give what I know of the recent news.

The latest from Daren is that digs are still draughting, Spade Runner, at the very end, looks promising but needs large amounts of BANG before significant progress is made. Other digs in the loop passage (near Spade Runner) also look promising with healthy draughts.  The crew are having a party at Milliway's on the 2nd. of December, I'd love to go but suspect that I'm not fit enough to make it!

Mendip has been fairly quiet recently though attacks are due in Cuthbert's and in Cheddar.

Alan Thomas had a dinner party recently for those who contributed to 'The Last Adventure'.  I happened to be at the Hunter's at the time (how strange I hear you say!) and have never met so many famous cavers in one go before.  My copy of the book is now personally signed by most of the authors (could this become a collector’s item?).

This seems to be a fairly sparse amount of news!  What I need is some club reporters.  How about it. all you out there!