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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys


This Belfry Bulletin is late again because it can only be produced when the number of contributions received makes it worthwhile.  If you want to have a regular BB then you have to contribute.  It does, however, include the second article from Jim Smart in the Philippines, about his adventures on Negros.  I haven't heard from him since his capture by communist guerrillas on Mindanao, except what was in the press at the time (see the news clippings on page eight).

A lot of caving is being done by the Club.  The Aswan Dam in Cuthbert's II is coming along nicely and another attack on sump 2 will be mounted shortly. Bowery Corner is progressing slowly but a lot of hard work is still to be done.  The big news, however, is that Kangaroo Swallet (Welsh's Green) has 'gone'.  I hope to have a full report for the next BB.  All I have from Graham at the moment is as follows :- "It's gone, 350' to 400' ish, biggish & shitty but probably the longest cave (in the world?) in Blue Lias Limestone".

Tony and Jane Jarratt have taken over Bat Products from Phil and Lil Romford (who are shortly leaving for sunnier climes - Portugal!).  The new management took over on 1st. of May, though Phil and Lil are staying on for the time being to show J'rat the ropes (and the krabs and wetsuits and all that). Steve Milner is also preparing to leave the country, and travelling even further (Oz) (cheap foreign accommodation for wandering members?)

Alan Thomas's book 'The Story of Priddy' is finally in print and contains quite a bit about the local caves including some previously unpublished stuff.  Copies can be obtained from Alan.  It was only a small print run so copies could become collectorÂ’s items.

Another example of things not mentioned in the guide books that people may not have noticed: -

When going down Longwood Swallet you descend the two ten foot drops, turn left to the Showerbath and then right down the narrow rift.  When you get to the approach passage to Longwood main chamber (on the left) a narrow passage goes straight on and turns to the right to the bottom of a high aven.  This is the furthest the cave goes down the Longwood Valley. The aven is free-climbable, with care, and ends at chokes.  The question is, are these choked inlet passages from a now abandoned swallet, or if dug, would they lead to old passages leading further down the valley? I don't know but wonder if anyone has ever tried.