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Club Matters

This is a list of items that the committee have asked me to put in the BB, dating from the December, January and February meetings.  Some may now be irrelevant!

1.                  Hut Bookings - These must be done through the Hut Warden (Snablet).  Anyone else must check with Snablet first.  We've had double bookings and aggrieved people!

2.                  Kindling and firewood are always in short supply.  It would be nice if all members visiting the Belfry could bring a sackful with them.

3.                  The general behaviour of BEC members and/or guests is causing concern.  We must maintain good relations locals as access to some caves might depend on it.

4.                  It is important for prospective members to turn up at the meeting during which their application for membership is discussed  (7.30 pm. on the first Friday of the month).  If they don't bother, their application is likely to be turned down.

5.                  Members are reminded of the availability of I.D.M.F. funds for expeditions etc. Young members don't seem to apply any longer.