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Three Unrecorded Sinks At Priddy

This brief article is purely to place on record the existence of three well known but - to the best of the writer's knowledge - previously unrecorded swallets, two of which have been eyed greedily by factions of the digging fraternity for some years.  The third is a less obvious dig site but as the writer lives almost directly opposite it he has had plenty of opportunity to notice itÂ’s propensity for taking water in wet weather.  Descriptions conform with those in " Complete Caves of Mendip" with the exception of altitudes which are in metres . Please note that the first described is not the one that Mrs. Dors washes the empties in!


At 250m. Priddy, SE end of the Hunter's Lodge Inn, adjacent to the wall at S corner of "function room".  Wet weather drainage from the crossroads and inn car park sinks in a waterworn rift occasionally blocked by rocks and silt.  Once took drainage and effluent from the inn stables.  At present being cleared by the landlord.  Dowsing indicated a minor streamway heading towards Hunter's hole.


At 248m. Priddy.  On the S side of Wells Road opposite the cottage at the end of the drive leading to the "Belfry"/Underwood Farm.  A large wet weather stream sinks here after draining from the road.  Presumed to drain into the St. Cuthbert's Swallet system.  Permission to dig has been refused.


At 248m. Priddy.  On the SE side of Pelting Drove opposite cottage "The Homestead".  A concrete lined depression, used as a dewpond, takes a considerable amount of road drainage in wet weather which fills up the pond and depression but does not overflow and is presumed to sink away below the dewpond into the unknown further reaches of Swildon's Hole.

NOTE: A fourth sink in Dale Lane, noted by Roger Dors, has been searched for in vain.  This area needs visiting in wet weather.

If anyone knows of any similar, unrecorded sinks, digs or caves please write them up for the B.B.

Tony Jarratt    27/1/89