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Direct Debits For Payment Of Membership Fees

The committee has been instructed by the membership at the 1988 AGM to investigate the possibility of using Direct Debit as a procedure to collect membership fees.  This procedure is fraught with difficulties and liabilities and really, as a club we are too small an organisation to make it worthwhile. Some points to consider:

As we are not a corporate account, the committee members (and the trustees) would be responsible in the case of a claim against the club, be it from payers or a bank.  An unlimited indemnity must be arranged.

Strict rules must be adhered to.  A mandate must be produced, printed and sent out to the membership.  When completed, the records must be kept on computer and the discs submitted to the bank in the format required to instruct the debiting of an individuals account.  (We would originate the DD. the bank doesn't get involved, hence the unlimited indemnity).

A fee of approximately £50 p.a. is involved (assuming 200 members) and then there's the cost of the printing of the mandates etc etc.

It is better to use the Standing Order method of extracting money from people, there are fewer problems. It is proposed to Instigate Standing Orders for membership fees as from next years AGM.  Instructions will appear in a future Belfry Bulletin along with the Standing Order Mandate in plenty of time for next years fees!

Steve Milner (Treasurer) 7:12:88