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Daren Cilau

Another  week long camp in December by Andy Cave, Gonzo, Snablet, Gwyn and Jake (Graham Johnson) resulted in Snablet and Andy pushing Shit Rift for a further 90 metres.  The passage is currently Anorexic Whippet sized, draughting and heading south.

A lot of work was done on other sites in the extensions.  Friday 13th boulder choke was worked on and now looks promising but not for the faint hearted as the keystone of the massive choke is now cracked in half and right in the firing line.  Gwyn unfortunately sustained a minor skull fracture when the roof of one of the 'Sand' Digs collapsed on her.  She opted for the relative comforts of the camp rather than a painful, premature trip out.

Shit Rift was revisited by Snablet and Nick Pollard over the Christmas period.  Jake and Andy took Fred Davies down on a tourist trip (Fred's first visit to the cave since his and Boone's breakthrough back in the 60's)

Next camp 10 - 19 Feb (I'm too late again - Ed.)


Hundreds of feet of new passage were discovered on this camp.  Daren is now very close to Aggie Sump 4, Gothic Passage and to Priory Road.  A full report will appear in the next BB.