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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys


More of a ramble really, as I write anything that comes to mind that I think might be of interest to the membership.

This Belfry Bulletin is late and small because of lack of material.  Members keep asking me when the next one is coming out but very few actually contribute anything.  Please, please send me your articles.  They don't have to be about great new discoveries or even about caving just about the adventures, travels, explorations and so on, of the members. Articles about well known caves would be appreciated as well, maybe pointing out features not mentioned in the guide books.

For example: -

G.B. is a well known cave, or is it.  At the end of Bat Passage, or at least where the sumped old dig is, the obvious onward continuation is in the roof about 7 ft. up.  This can be followed to the end, passing two ways down into tight rifts which end in chokes, or do they?  However, at the 7 ft. climb, looking the other way it can be seen that the continuation passage doesn't go back down Bat Passage but goes into the right wall (looking down-cave).  A hole at the top of the muddy bank can be entered and leads to a parallel phreatic rift at least 20 ft. high.  It is not obvious from the bottom whether this peters out at the top or whether it slopes over.  Does it lead to an unknown passage?  I haven't yet chimneyed up it and don't know of anyone who has.  Perhaps you know better!

There are similar instances in most caves, as well as more in G.B.  If you know of any, write about them, please:

The day after I wrote the above, Jim Smart's article arrived from the Philippines so the BB is not as short as I feared. His letter also enclosed the newspaper clipping, the card you may have seen at the Hunter's and a note to me. I've included part of the note (edited highlights!) between his article and the clipping.

On the digging front, Bowery Corner is progressing slowly.  Daren Cilau quickly and Welsh's Green not at all.  I hope to have surveys of all three for the next BB.  B.E.C. members, and others, have been busy producing them.

The news from Bowery Corner is that the sump mentioned in the last BB has been passed, over the top, and so has the second one.  The end now is tight and very wet but, for the first time, the sound of falling water can be heard from ahead. The end is also well past the point that dowsing indicated that the passage should turn right and is continuing in a straight line.  Perhaps it turns back on itself at a lower level.

New Members

There are quite a few new members.  Those listed below are the ones that have been given membership numbers, that is, have paid their subs.  I've included Jim Rands and Gwyn Timson again as they hadn't been given numbers in December.

1109 Jim Rands, Stonebridge Park, London NWI0.
1110 Gwyn Timson, Rumney, Cardiff
1111 Graham Johnson, Wells, Somerset
1112 Catherine Wood, London
1113 Arthur Griffin, Alperton, Wembley
1114 Peter Bolt, Cardiff
1115 Robin Mark Taviner, Whitchurch, Bristol
1116 Stuart Lain, Yeovil, Somerset
1117 Peter Christopher Alan Hellier, Chew Stoke, Bristol