The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys

1988 - 1989 Committee

Hon. Sec.                      Mike (Trebor) McDonald
Treasurer                       Steve Milner
Caving Sec.                   Mark Lumley (Gonzo)
Hut Warden                   Peter (Snablet) McNab
Tackle Master                Stuart McManus
B.B. Editor                    Ted Humphreys
Hut Engineer                 Nick Sprang (co-opted)
Membership Sec.           John Watson
Librarian                        Tony Jarratt
                                    Dave Turner


This is my first attempt at editing anything and I expect to make somewhat of a pig's ear of it, but anyway here goes!

The first thing I must say is that the views and opinions expressed in the B.B. are either those of the editor, who must not be taken too seriously, or of the authors of the articles (typing errors may be by the editor).  You will notice that I have not typed Gonzo's meets list or retyped Mr. N's ode.  This is either idleness or a belief that the work of artist's and lyricist's should not be tampered with!


Membership Secretary's Report

Due to late payment of Subs. last year it has been agreed that a deadline for Subs. will be the end of January 1989.  Any member who has not paid will receive ONE reminder, if they do not pay they will have to re-apply to join the club.

Would all members please notify the MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY of changes of address.

Please send your correspondence and money/cheques (£12 ordinary or £18 joint - ed.) to :-

John Watson, Wells, or to the Treasurer, Steve Milner.

Payment by cheque (made out to the B.E.C. - ed.) preferred as it is easier to trace (proof of payment).

New Members

Two new members were accepted into the club at the November committee meeting. They are :-

Jim Rands, Stonebridge Park, London
Gwyn Timson, I haven't got Gwyn's current address yet.

It was pointed out at the meeting that prospective members and their proposer or seconder are expected to attend the meeting after their application is submitted.  The only exceptions being those who are well known to committee members and live too far away to be able to get to the Belfry by 7.30 pm on a Friday evening.

Digging Barrel

It looks as though we're losing again this year.  J'rat et al got through the tight bit in Sanctimonious into about 50 ft. of larger passage ending in a hopeless looking choke.  Much effort in Bowery has resulted in getting to what appears to be a sump.  Prospects there do not seem too good, it's a case of draining or roof removal and praying for a right hand bend with a removable barrier leading to a descending rift!

The Wexxes had success at what I believe was an old BEC dig 30 ft. up the first rift chamber in Eastwater. They applied chemical persuasion and found a couple of hundred feet of well-decorated passage which I think they've called, 'Fast Cars and Dark Glasses, well why not!


Llangattwg Update

by Mark Lumley

The project to connect up Daren Cilau and Agen Allwedd is still going strong for the Rock Steady Crew with a phenomenal amount of man-hours put into digging this year. Since I left for Mexico some individuals have done the equivalent of 2 months underground, including several 10 day trips.

Numbers have dwindled, with fewer people capable of overcoming the considerable physical and psychological pressures of a sustained push.  For any worthwhile digging to be done it is necessary to go down for at least three days anything less is just travel, sleep and recovery time, with a token visit to the dig site.

The nucleus of diggers left are certainly considerably fitter than when the project started. The trip to Milliways - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - takes 4 to 5 hours if you push it.  This means getting to the Hard Rock Cafe in 2 hours. (If you don't know the cave and you're considering a tourist trip to the end and back, be prepared for 24 hours underground - the worst bit's beyond the Hard Rock Cafe!)

Andy Cave, Angela Garwood, Pete Bolt, Steve Allen & co. pushed numerous digs between the Restaurant and Friday 13th passage in the early part of the year.  The most successful of these was the Warren which gave a few hundred feet of tight, very pretty passage ending in a chamber with an 'undiggable' choke (we're going back with scaffold poles, all sherpas welcome!!)  This has a storming draught and looks as though it could go to Trident Passage or the more distant Midnight Passage.  It is our considered opinion that there is something very big in between the two.

Star Bar chamber is being pushed along a tight, draughting rift.  This looks promising for a connection to Trident (God forbid!)  Andy Cave and Steve Allen pushed Machu Picchu for a few hundred feet.  This ends in a frustrating, draughting, sandy maze.  Dig 43lb is being pushed west.  This appears to draught with no airspace (remember Acupuncture Passage).  Crystal Rift dig is immediately below the ladder in Big Chamber II and looks 'interesting'.  Sand Dig looks good too.

The most promising lead, however, must surely be Friday 13th.  This is the furthest point west in the cave, an hour from the restaurant. Large walking passage deteriorates to a low sand crawl which we dug out in January (whatever happened to Mongo?) to reach a small chamber with a draughting boulder choke.  This has been banged and dug on several occasions. August bank holiday saw Andy, Pete and myself back at the choke.  A couple of charges were placed here (and numerous others elsewhere in the extensions) and we fired our last with a way on visible beyond a boulder.  As for the Gothic diggers, they've had enough of digging at the bottom of Aggy for the time being and are looking at the very promising Aven Series/Copper Passage dig with Geoff Newton and Clive Gardener.

The Gloucester/Hereford boys are still active in Aggy.  John Cooper and Arther Millet are putting a lot of work into a draughting rift on the surface above the Tram Road, with a view to a possible back door to Daren.  We have put a lot of man-hours into the BEC/RSC dig in Midnight Passage. The boulder cone has been 'stabilised' and we now intend to dig under the right hand side of it (Pass the Andrex!!)

The divers have had a frustrating season, being plagued by bad weather, but there are still dives to be done in Daren, not to mention the terminal sump in Aggy.  (Damn, I didn't mean to mention the terminal sump in Aggy!) Arthur Millet has virtually completed a grade 5 survey of the entire known system - a really dedicated piece of hard work without which we wouldn't have had half the success.

With any luck a connection will be made in the next year - I hope so because we then intend to push the system West, under Llangynidr ... now there's a system!

P.S.  A seventy hour trip was carried out from October 6th  - 9th by Pete, Andy, Angela, Nick, Snablet and myself.   Friday 13th boulder choke was pushed for about 30ft vertically and 50ft horizontally. We all aged about 5 years in the process and the way on is back to blasting.

Snablet extended the Shit-Rift by 70ft of tight crawling; started a new, draughting, very promising dig at the top end of Friday 13th Passage and another charge was set off (after a misfire and another 2 years of ageing by Pete!) in the Star Bar Chamber. This should be open on our return.

P.P.S.  If you ever get the opportunity, go and see the blue formations in Pain Killer Passage - they are without doubt the best erratics in the country!


Deepest Hole - follow up

In the last B.B., No.446, there was a newspaper cutting sent in by Matt Tuck from India concerning the discovery of 'The Deepest Hole on Earth'.  J'rat wrote to the International Union of Speleology Commission of Large Caves and in reply received the two letters reproduced below.  We thought the BEC membership would be interested. I didn't even know that such an organisation existed!  Before you start criticising Daniel's grammer/spelling, I wonder how many members of the BEC could do as well in German!

Correspondent for India & Nepal
H.Daniel Gebauer / Marktplatz 32 / III
D-7070 S.Gmund / F.R.Germany

Tony Jarrraatt

Schwabisch Gmund, den  9.9.1988

Dear Tony,

Thank you very much for Matt Tuck's newspaper cutting concerning the “deepest hole on earth found in MP”.  If I do not err, which is likely to be (for there is too much mystics about India that anybody could be sure on anything - except he is a straightforward fool) well, I think I would identify that hole with the Kotomsar-, Kutumsar­or Kotamsar-Cave (18°52' 10”N/810 56’ O4”E) which was not discovered by Prof. V.S. Vakankar, of course not, he was a Professor and A Hindoo, and neither of those kinds would degrade himself by any actual work - but he was told of a not too small cave by Dr. Andrej Kozik, member of Kanger  ‘87', a Polish expedition organized by the Polish Society of Friends of Earth, with no report published so far.  Unfortunately!

The newspaper says the tunnel is about 100ft wide and it is actually almost 30m broad at it's broadest intersection - not too bad for a newspaper report.  And it says its more than 1000ft deep and it actually is 42m deep; you only have to add a single zero, which should be no problem for a serious journalist.

At least he is absolutely correct in revealing that this hole, like all karst phenomena, are miracles coming from the outer space, a fact most cavers tend to neglect: its gravity, a cosmic force, that uplifts submarine limestone deposits and induces the weathering! 

We only have to think around sharp bends to make things straight!

Thanks, Tony, for this wonderful peace of popular science!  Sometimes it's boring, but most often it is funny to follow the maladaptations between different worlds of thought.  Even in the European languages the layman tends to say a cave is “deep”, when a caver says it is long.

It would be great if you could trace the original newspaper reference – for the Hindustan Times is only quoted, and filing through past newspaper editions is such a tedious task. I just mean: ask Matt if he remembers where he found it –

Good caving


c/o H.D. Gebauer, Markplatz 32, 7070, S. Gmilnd

Tony Jarratt

Schriftleitung:    H.Oaniel Gebauer
                        Marktplatz 32
                        0-7070 Schw. Gmiind
Bezug:              Rainer Hoss
                        Esslingerstrasse 26
                        D-7310 Plochingen

Dear Tony,

About a month ago you have sent me a newspaper-cutting referring to a "Deepest hole found on earth in MP", and I offered the suggestion that the cave mentioned there could be identical with 'Kotomsar cave'.

Well Kotomsar cave (81o56' 04"E/18o52'10"N) lies in Bastar district of Madhya Pradesh which is supposed to be in Dewas district, which is actually 600km away, like the crow flies.

And the Dewas District is close to Bhopal, where the mentioned Dr. Vakankar lectured at the Ujjain University.

It might be two different caves!

Is you famous roving reporter Matt Tuck still somewhere there?  Would he perhaps like to gain some insights in Indian academic society while checking at the Ujjain University ( Archaeological Survey 7) if somebody else is aware of Dr. Vakankars speleological efforts?




Caving Secretary's Report

Those of you who can remember as far back as last year are probably wondering why I'm here giving the report, it's because I stood in for Richard Neville-Dove when he went to Mexico, and have ended up doing it ever since.

The Bad News First: -

We lost the digging barrel last year to the Wexxes - so let's not do it again. (we are - ed.)

Now for the rest of it

The response to the club meets was a bit disappointing, apart from Easter and Whitsun.  It ended up as two or sometimes three people going on them.  We ended up joining forces with a couple of the taller Wexxes to make up the numbers, incidentally, they were also on their club meet!

Work started again in the West End in Eastwater earlier this year.  A joint BEC WCC project, of digging, surveying, aven climbing etc.   An emergency food dump has been taken down and left at Charing Cross in case of flooding.  Eleven of us were flooded in for a short time in the early spring, hopefully it will not happen again, although we've had a couple of near misses since.

St. Cuthbert's has been busy with lots of people being led on trips.  A big clear-up operation is being organised by Trebor.  The place is looking a lot cleaner.  There's also been some small amounts of passage found around the Rocky Boulder series.

Other hopeful digs are that of Sanctimonious Passage down Hunter's and Bowery Corner, both are not without their problems - bad air in Hunter's and dodgy roof in Bowery.

Extensive work has been going on in Wales, with the likes of Daren Cilau and Aggy.  There's no need to go into any detail about Daren as you've probably already read about it in Descent  (I think it's mentioned on every page, also Midnight Passage in Aggy).

There's still diving in Cheddar and the usual caving activity has been going on amongst individual members.

Many members went on expeditions far a field this year, to China and Mexico and got great results.  Unfortunately, no one from the BEC went to Austria this year and so missed out on the pushing of Orkan Hohle to 750 m. deep.

There are going to be expeditions to Romania and Jamaica sometime in the forthcoming year.

Thank you to all those who made this job easier to do.



Bristol Exploration Club Accounts For The Year Ending 31st August 1988
















Gain from Dinner & AGM

Gain from Wessex Challenge


Building Society Interest





































B.B. Printing

B.B. Stationary & Postage

Public Liability insurance

BCRA Insurance

Belfry Insurance – 50%

Rates & Water Rates – 50%

Tackle & Cave Keys Purchased

Less tackle fees & CCC permits sold

Other subscriptions and donations

IDMF Transfer

Carbide Licence

Library Purchases (books etc)

Misc. Postage & Stationary

Telephone Charges

Less receipts

Misc & Bank Interest

Net Sales loss/(Profit)

Transfer to Cuthbert’s Fund



































Opening balance

Transfer from General fund



Closing Balance






N.B.  An injection of £100 from General Fund due 1st November 88















Service Bednights

Other Receipts


Special Item – Insurance for Tackle
































Household Goods & Misc

Belfry Insurance – 50%

Rates – 50%

Repairs & Improvements

Fixtures & Fittings

Special Item – Purchase of Library Units


Special Item – Tackle Roof Repairs






























Pre-sales Income to 31.7.88

BEC Contribution from General account


Less, expenditure (computer equipment)








86/87 Profit/(loss)






87/88 Profit/(loss)













Sweat & T-shirts


















"The Ode of the Commercial Caver", 

By Nigel TAYLOR, B.E.C.  22nd. October 1988.

Sung to the tune of - "I'd like to teach the World to Sing", or to the Viewer at home 'The Coke advert' !!.

I’d like to teach, the world to cave,
if only I knew how,
To get underground, and smash around,
like I’ll learn Commercially.

Commercially, …..its the real thing,
Commercially, …..its the real thing.

'I'd like to cave, and misbehave,
and muck formations about,
When we run amok, and all get stuck,
M.R.O.’ll get us out.

Commercially, …..its the real thing,
Commercially, …..its the real thing.

We've been down Cheddar, Goatchurch and Zoo,
So were off to Twenty-Two,
and if we get stuck, we don’t give a F***,
'cause we're taught just what to do.

Commercially, …..its the real thing,
Commercially, …..its the real thing.

We learnt to "Ab-up", and "Prussik" down,
by a caver of 'Great Renown' ,
The main clubs shunned him, even called him a clown,
-but we learnt, Commercially.

Commercially, …..its the real thing,
Commercially, …..its the real thing.

We don’t need the Wessex, Shepton or B.B.C,
'cause we learnt Commercially,
To hell with conservation, to the main clubs' consternation
We do it, Commercially.

Commercially, …..its the real thing,
Commercially, …..its the real thing.

I've done FIVE trips now, and BOUGHT the 'Know-How’,
and am really experienced,
So I'll teach others, sisters and brothers,
-to do it, Commercially.

Commercially, …..its the real thing,
Commercially, …..its the real thing.

I'd like to have learnt, from Cavers to cave,
-if only they'd taught me,
Cause now I'm dead, N' buried,
cause I learnt, Commercially

Speleology, …..its the real thing,
Speleology, …..its the real thing.


Meets List 88/89


I’ve tried to come to a happy equilibrium between the digging cavers, the sporting trippers, the caving & social weekenders and the piss-artist.  I’ve also taken into consideration that we are an EXPLORATION Club and not just a caving club.





Sat Nov 5

Daren Cilau.  Tourist trip followed by Chelsea Firework Party (£8 to Chelsea)

Camping by Whitewalls

Sun Nov 19

Agen Allwedd – Dig in Midnight Passage


Sat Dec 3 

Sun Dec 4

Members weekend – Charterhouse & Upper Flood


Sat Dec 24 – Mon Jan 2

Severe liver abuse

Who cares

Sat Jan 14

Sun Jan 15

Yorkshire.  Pasture Gill & White Scar

Bradford Hut

Sat Jan 21

Sun Jan 22

Working on hut with help from Butcombe Brewery.  Agen Allweldd – Dig in Midnight passage


Sat Feb 11

Sun Feb 12

Scotland.  Winter walking, probably in the Torridons – This will involve some serious whiskey drinking – book early.

Bothy Accommodation

Sat Feb 25

Sun Feb 26

Llanelli Quarry Pot – Sporting/Photo Trip Agen Allwedd – Dig in Midnight Passage.


Fri Evening Mar 17

- Easter Mon Mar 27

IrelandCo. Clare.  1st 8 people in cottage, the rest sort out their own accommodation


Sat Apr 8



Sat Apr 15

Sat Apr16

Parachuting weekend.


Sat Apr 22

Sun Apr 23

Otter hole

Agen Allwedd – Dig in Midnight passage.


Sat Apr 29-Mon May 1

(May Bank Holiday)

Yorkshire.  Penyghent & King pot


Sat May 15

Sun May 16

Members weekend at Belfry – Banwell caves

Working on Hut (Barrel assisted)


Sat May 27–Mon May 29

(Spring Bank)

Gower.  Caving, drinking and surfing


Sat Jun 10

Sun Jun 11

Ystradfelte.  Little Neath & Pant Mawr

Croydon Hut

Sat Jun 24

Sun Jun 25

Lundy Island.  Climbing, diving & vegetating


Sat Jul 1

Sun Jul 2

Daren Cilau – Agen Allwedd round trip (if its on the cards by then)


Sat Jul 8

Sun Jul 9

Snowdon Horseshoe – Llangollen – Lilo race down the Dee (bring a helmet)


Sat Jul 22

Sat Jul 23

Yorkshire – Quaking & Hags Dike

Bradford Hut

Sat Aug 5

Sun Aug 20

Romania – The BEC go over the wall!


Sat Sept 2

Sun Sept 3

Steep Holm

Agen Allwedd – Dig in Midnight passage


Sat Sept 9

Sun Sept 10

Derbyshire – Peak & Nettle

Pegasus Hut

Sat Sept 23

Sat Sept 24

Devon.  Fishing trip, probably from Dartmouth.

Bakers Pit , Reeds & Pridhamsleigh


Sat Oct 7

AGM – Lynch mob to get rid of Caving Secretary



Bristol Exploration Club - Membership List 1/12/88

828 Nicolette Abell                      Faukland, Bath
987 Dave Aubrey                         Salisbury, Wiltshire.
20 (L) Bobby Bagshaw                 Knowle, Bristol, Avon
392 (L) Mike Baker                      Midsomer Norton, Bath, Avon
1095 Craig Bale                           Knowle, Bristol
818 Chris Batsone                       radstock, Avon
1079 Henry Bennett                     Pimlico, London.
390 (LJ) Joan Bennett                  Newtownmore, Invernesshire
214 (LJ) Roy Bennett                   Newtownmore, Invernesshire
769 Sue Bishop                           Tynings, Radstock.
998 Crissie Bissett                      Ottery St. Mary, Devon
731 Bob Bidmead                        East Harpytree,  Bristol
364 (L) Pete Blogg                       Chaldon, Caterham, Surrey
145 (L) Sybil Bowden-Lyle            Calne, Wiltshire
1104 Tony Boycott                      Westbury on Trim, Bristol, Avon
868 Dany Bradshaw                     Haybridge, Wells, Somerset
751 (L) T.A. Bookes                     London, SW2
1082 Robin Brown                       Cheddar, Somerset
1108 Denis Bumford                    Westcombe, Shepton Mallet
924 J Aileen Butcher                    Holt, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
849 J Alan Butcher                      Holt, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
956 J Ian Caldwell                        Clifton, Bristol
1036 J Nicola Slann                     Clifton, Bristol
1091 William Curruthers               Holcombe Bath
1014 Chris Castle                        Axbridge, Somerset
902 (L) Martin Cavender               Westbury-sub-Mendip, Wells, Somerset.
New Richard Chaddock                Butleigh, Wooton, Glastonbury
1048 Tom Chapman                     Cheddar, Somerset.
1030 Richard Clarke                    Axbridge, Somerset
1102 Nicholas Cline                     Wells, Somerset
211 (L) Clare Coase                     Berkeley-Vale, New South Wales, 2259, Australia
89 (L) Alfie Collins                       Litton, Somerset
862 Bob Cork                              Stoke St. Michael, Somerset
1121 Nicholas Cornwell-Smith      Oldham Common, Bristol
1042 Mick Corser                        Cringleford, Norwich, Norfolk
827 Mike Cowlishaw                    Winchester, Hants.
1060 Peter Crawley                     West Wickham. Kent
890 Jerry Crick                            Wing, Leighton Buzzard, Bucks
896 Pat Cronin                            Knowle, Bristol
680 Bob Cross                            Knowle, Bristol
405 (L) Frank Darbon                   Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. VIT 6M3
423 (L) Len Dawes                       Minster Matlock, Derbyshire
815 Nigel Dibden                         Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
164 (L) Ken Dobbs                       Beacon Heath, Exeter, Devon
829 J Angie Dooley                      Harborne, Birmingham
710 J Colin Dooley                       Harborne, Birmingham
1000 (L) Roger Dors                     Priddy, Somerset
830 John Dukes                          Street, Somerset
996 Terry Earley                          Wyle, Warmister, Wiltshire
322 (L) Bryan Ellis                       Westonzoyland, Bridgwater, Somerset
1063 Peter Evans                        Abingdon, Oxfordshire
232 Chris Falshaw                       Fulwood, Sheffield
269 (L) Tom Fletcher                    Bramcote, Nottingham.
404 (L) Albert Francis                  Wells, Somerset
569 J Joyce Franklin                    Stone, Staffs
469 J Pete Franklin                      Stone, Staffs
835 Len Gee                               Stockport, Cheshire
1098 Brian Gilbert                        Chingford, London
1069 J Angie Glanvill                    Chard, Somerset
1017 J Peter Glanvill                    Chard, Somerset
648 Dave Glover                          Pamber Green, Basingstoke, Hampshire
1054 Tim Gould                           Leith, Edinburgh
860 J Glenys Grass                     Ridgewell, Essex
790 J Martin Grass                      Ridgewell, Essex
1009 Robin Gray                         East Horrington, Wells, Somerset
1089 Kevin Gurner                       Theydon Bois, Epping, Essex
1088 Nick Gymer                        Theydon Bois, Epping, Essex
104 (L) Mervyn Hannam               St Annes, Lancashire
581 Chris Harvey                         Hanham Lane, Paulton, Somerset
4 (L) Dan Hassell                         Moorlynch, Bridgwater, Somerset
893 Dave Hatherley                      Cannington, Bridgwater, Somerset
1097 Charles Hay                        Crosscombe, Wells, Somerset
1078 Mike Hearn                         Bagworth, Axbridge, Somerset
1117 Pete Hellier                         Nempnet Thrubwell, Chew Stoke, Bristol
974 Jeremy Henley                      Shepton Mallet, Somerset
952 Bob Hill                                Assen, Netherlands
1105 Joanna Hills                        Billinshurst, W. Sussex
373 J Sid Hobbs                          Priddy, Wells Somerset
736 J Sylvia Hobbs                      Priddy, Wells Somerset
905 Paul Hodgson                       Burcott, Wells, Somerset
898 J Liz Hollis                            Batcombe Shepton Mallet, Somerset
899 J Tony Hollis                         Batcombe Shepton Mallet, Somerset
1094 Peter Hopkins                     Keynsham, Bristol.
971 Colin Houlden                       Briston, London, SW2
923 Trevor Hughes                       Wells, Somerset
855 Ted Humphreys                     Wells, Somerset
73 Angus Innes                           Alveston, Bristol, Aven
540 (L) Dave Irwin                        Priddy, Somerset
922 Tony Jarratt                          Priddy, Somerset
668 Mike Jeanmaire                     Buxton, Derbyshire
1026 Ian Jepson                          Beechen Cliff, Bath
51 (L) A Johnson                         Flax Bourton, Bristol
995 Brian Johnson                       Ottery St. Mary, Devon
1001 Graeme Johnson                 Cosby, Leicester
560 (L) Frank Jones                     Priddy, Somerset
567 (L) Alan Kennett                    Henleaze, Brsitol
884 John King                             Wisborough Green, West Sussex
316 (L) Kangy King                      Pucklechurch, Bristol, Aven
542 (L) Phil Kingston                   Brisbane, Queensland, 4122, Australia
413 (L) R. Kitchen                       Horrabridge, Yelverton, Devon
946 Alex Ragnar Knutson             Bedminster, Bristol
667 (L) Tim Large                        c/o Phil Romford
1015 Andrew Lolley                     Kingsdowm, Bristol
1043 Andy Lovell                         Keynsham, Bristol
1072 Clive Lovell                          Keynsham, Bristol
1057 Mark Lumley                       c/o Chris Smart
1100 Sarah McDonald                  London
1067 Fiona McFall                       Fishponds, Bristol
106 (L) E.J. Mason                      Henleaze, Bristol
651 Pete MacNab (Sr)                 Cheddar, Somerset
1052 J Pete MacNab (Jr)              Alexandra Park, Redland, Bristol
1090 Robert McNair                     Otley, Yorkshire
550 (L) R A MacGregor                Basingstoke, Hants
725 Stuart McManus                   Wells Road, Priddy, Somerset
558 (L) Tony Meaden                   Bradford Abbas, Sherborne, Dorset
1106 Simon Mendes                    Droitwtich, Worcestershire
704 Dave Metcalf                         Long Eaton, Nottingham
1044 Andrew Middleton                Earlsfield, London.
1053 Steve Milner                        St. George, Bristol
1099 Bill Murkett                         Buckhurst hill, Essex
1086 Richard Neville-Dove            Bristol
936 Dave Nichols                         Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
852 John Noble                           Paulton, Bath
624 Jock Orr                               Sturton-by-Stowe, Lincoln
396 (L) Mike Palmer                    Yarley, Wells, Somerset
1045 Richard Payne                    Sidcup , Kent
22 (L) Les Peters                         Knowle Park, Bristol Avon
1107 Terry Phillips                       Denmead, Hants.
499 (L) A. Philpott                       Bishopston, Bristol, Avon
1103 Mark Philpott                      Wells, Somerset
1037 Dave Pike                           Yarley, Wells, Somerset
337 Brian Prewer                         Priddy, Wells, Somerset
1085 Duncan Price                      Edgbaston, Birmingham
1101 Christopher Proctor              Radstock, Bath
1109 Philip Provis                        Barh Rd., Paulton, Bristol
481 (L) John Ransom                   Patchway, Bristol, Avon
682 J John Riley                          c/o Barry Wilton
1033 J Sue Riley                         c/o Barry Wilton
1070 Mary Robertson                   Stonebridge Park, London, NW10
986J Lil Romford                          Coxley, Wells, Somerset
985J Phil Romford                       Coxley, Wells, Somerset
832 Roger Sabido                        Lawrence Weston, Bristol
240 (L) Alan Sandall                    Nailsea, Avon
359 (L) Carol Sandall                   Nailsea, Avon
760 Jenny Sandercroft                 c/o Barrie Wilton
237 (L) Bryan Scott                     Winchester Hnts
78 (L) R Setterington                    Taunton, Somerset
213 (L) Rod Setterington              Harpendon, Herts
1046 Dave Shand                        c/o J’Rat
915J Chris Smart                         Nr. Bradford on Avon, Wilts
907J Karen Jones                        Nr. Bradford on Avon, Wilts
911 Jim Smart                             Clifton, Bristol
1041 Laurence Smith                   West Horrington, Wells, Somerset
823 Andy Sparrow                       Priddy, Somerset
1063 Nicholas Sprang                  East Street, Worcester
1 (L) Harry Stanbury                    Bude, Cornwall
38(L) Mrs I Stanbury                    Knowle, Bristol
575 (L) Dermot Statham               Shepton Mallet, Somerset
365 (L) Roger Stenner                  Weston super Mare, Avon
1084 Richard Stephens                c/o Trevor Hughes
867 Rich Stevenson                     Wookey, Wells, Somerset, Somerset
583 Derek Targett                        East Horrington, Wells Somerset
1115 Rob Taviner                         High Street, East Harptree
1039 Lisa Taylor                          Bickley, Bromely
772 Nigel Taylor                          Langford, Avon
1035 John Theed                         Farmborough, Bath
284 (L) Alan Thomas                    Priddy, Somerset
348 (L) D Thomas                        Bartlestree, Hereford
571 (L) N Thomas                        Salhouse, Norwich, Norfolk.
699 J Buckett Tilbury                   High Wycombe, Bucks
700 J Anne Tilbury                       High Wycombe, Bucks
74 (L) Dizzie Thompsett-Clark       Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex
381 (L) Daphne Towler                 Nyetimber, Bognor Regis, Sussex
1093 Gary Trainer                        Hampstead, London NW3
382 Steve Tuck                           Coxley, Wells, Somerset
1023 Matt Tuck                           Coxley, Wells, Somerset
1066 Alan Turner                         Leigh on Mendip, Bath, Avon
678 Dave Turner                          Leigh on Mendip, Bath, Avon
912 John Turner                           Tavistock, Devon.
635 (L) Stuart Tuttlebury               Boundstone, Farnham, Surrey
1096 Maurice van Luipen              Hayes, Middlesex
887 Greg Villis                            Banwell, Weston-super-Mare, Avon
175 (L) Mrs. D. Whaddon             Taunton, Somerset
1077 Brian Wafer                         St. Pauls Cray, Orpington, Kent
949 J John Watson                      Somerset
1019 J Lavinia Watson                 Somerset
973 James Wells                         Yorktown Heights, New York, USA
1055 Oliver Wells                        Yorktown Heights, New York, USA
1032 Barry Wharton                     Yatton, Bristol
553 Bob White                            Bleadney, Nr. Wells, Somerset.
1092 Barbara Williams                 London
1068 John Whiteley                     Denbury, Devon
1031 Mike Wigglesworth              Chamberlain Street, Wells, Somerset.
1087 John Williams                     Northwood, Middlesex
1075 J Tony Williams                   Leigh on Mendip, Bath
1076 J Roz Williams                    Leigh on Mendip, Bath
559 J Barrie Wilton                      Haydon, Nr. Wells, Somerset
568 J Brenda Wilton                    Haydon, Nr. Wells, Somerset
850 J Annie Wilton-Jones             Llanlley Hill, Abergavenny, Gwent
813 J Ian Wilton-Jones                 Llanlley Hill, Abergavenny, Gwent
721 G Wilton-Jones                     Draycott, Cheddar, Somerset
877 Steven Woolven                    West Chilington, West Sussex
914 Brian Workman                     Bridgwater, Somerset
477 Ronald Wyncoll                     Holycroft, Hinkley, Leics.


Editor's Postscript

Well that's all I've got at the moment, though a couple of interesting articles have just appeared for the next BB.

I've tried to get rid of all my typing errors.  What most worries me is errors in the membership list, but I expect Alfie will put me right.

Please could you all (or as many as possible) send in articles, anecdotes or anything you think may be of interest to the members.  It can be written, typed, on a 5.25 inch Amstrad compatible floppy disk or even recorded on a cassette tape!

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