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Membership Secretary's Report

Due to late payment of Subs. last year it has been agreed that a deadline for Subs. will be the end of January 1989.  Any member who has not paid will receive ONE reminder, if they do not pay they will have to re-apply to join the club.

Would all members please notify the MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY of changes of address.

Please send your correspondence and money/cheques (£12 ordinary or £18 joint - ed.) to :-

John Watson, Wells, or to the Treasurer, Steve Milner.

Payment by cheque (made out to the B.E.C. - ed.) preferred as it is easier to trace (proof of payment).

New Members

Two new members were accepted into the club at the November committee meeting. They are :-

Jim Rands, Stonebridge Park, London
Gwyn Timson, I haven't got Gwyn's current address yet.

It was pointed out at the meeting that prospective members and their proposer or seconder are expected to attend the meeting after their application is submitted.  The only exceptions being those who are well known to committee members and live too far away to be able to get to the Belfry by 7.30 pm on a Friday evening.

Digging Barrel

It looks as though we're losing again this year.  J'rat et al got through the tight bit in Sanctimonious into about 50 ft. of larger passage ending in a hopeless looking choke.  Much effort in Bowery has resulted in getting to what appears to be a sump.  Prospects there do not seem too good, it's a case of draining or roof removal and praying for a right hand bend with a removable barrier leading to a descending rift!

The Wexxes had success at what I believe was an old BEC dig 30 ft. up the first rift chamber in Eastwater. They applied chemical persuasion and found a couple of hundred feet of well-decorated passage which I think they've called, 'Fast Cars and Dark Glasses, well why not!