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Belfry Bulletin No. 48

A short note by Dave Irwin

In the recently published index of the B.E.C. Publications it stated that Belfry Bulletin No. 48 was not published.  Soon after I received a letter from Roy Poulson, librarian of B.C.R.A., enclosing an incomplete copy of Belfry Bulletin No. 48!  The photo-copy I have has been copied and is now in the Club library.

The BCRA copy, obviously part of the former C.R.G collection, comprises the first two pages. The copy is dated June 1951.  A search of the subsequent Belfry Bulletins (Numbers 49/50, 51 and 52) gave a clue to the summary below.

Belfry Bulletin No. 49/50, a. combined issue, states on page 1 "We would like to apologise to members for the delay in the June issue.  “We are combining the July and Aug. numbers to keep things moving.  We would also apologise for the way we have to split Pongo’s article to finish the last B.B.”  Above this apology was hand-written the following  “PLEASE.  WE HAVEN’T PUBLISHED THE START OF – “FESTIVAL CAVING”. CAXTON.”  It would appear that part 1 of "Festival Caving" was never published.  A manuscript written across the top page states “I’ve sent a copy of this back to Shorty.  Ken.”

The content of the first two pages of Number 48 is as follows:

First page:

Mendip Rescue Organisation

G.B. Restrictions

Caving Section News [including Avon Gorge caves]

Bats by John Ifold

Page two:

Club Library

Inquiry [ Stoke Lane – who was digging in Bone Chamber?]

Some caves near Bristol by Merv. Hannam

However, the notes on M. R. O., Club Library and the note by John Ifold were reprinted in Belfry Bulletin No. 51.

So, it would appear that at least the two pages of Belfry Bulletin No. 48 was printed.  Was it published?  A copy has got into the B. C. R. A. Library.  It is unlikely that this copy was circulated in the usual way as it would not have had the note written by Ken at the top of page 1.  It must be assumed to be an accidental copy, one given to the C.R.G.  Further, so many of the more important notes were printed in Belfry Bulletin Number 51.  I can only come to the conclusion that this is an accidental copy that has' leaked' out of the editors hands at the time. The issue was partially printed but never completed.