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Letter from Pat Cronin

Enclosed in the last BB was an article about the CSCC AGM.  I took offence at its lack of accurate information.  If that is all you can extract from a five hour meeting of such importance as this one was about perhaps either, you should have attended or sent someone in your place, so as to gain a true record.  What happened will have a direct affect on how Mendip deals with the growth of the commercial interests in the Caving of Great Britain.

[Ed's reply - whilst agreeing with the importance of such meetings I feel it is totally unreasonable to expect the Club's editor to attend them all.  It surely is up to Club members who attend, especially those with strong feelings, to make a report for the BB.  I approached a number of members for a report of the meeting but all I received was as published in the last BB.  The usefulness of the Club's bulletin is in the hands of those who write articles for it - so perhaps Pat you could write a rather belated report for the BB.]

Deepest Hole on earth found in MP

The following extract is from our roving reporter Matt Tuck (who gets Everywhere)

(Cutting from an Indian newspaper)

NEW DELHI - A more than l000-ft­deep hole, claimed to be the deepest in the world, has been discovered in Dewas district in Madhya Pradesh state.

A Hindustan Times reporter quoted Dr V S Vakankar, who discovered the hole, as saying "it is a rare geological phenomenon".  The hole is a natural tunnel about l00-ft-wide and more than 1000ft deep.  'So far no such deep tunnel was reported anywhere in the world" Dr Vakankar was quoted as having claimed.

Dr Vakankar, who died last Monday opined that some miracle must have come from the outer space, hit the space and made the hole.  No geological phenomenon can account for the formation of such a hole.