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Important notice to st. Cuthbert's leaders

I have been asked by the Committee to change the lock on St. Cuthbert's Swallet and issue keys to all leaders.  As the current list of leaders appears to have been lost (Notice how things have gone downhill since I gave up the job!)  I have listed below the names of as many as I can remember.  If you are not on it, please contact me urgently. The new lock will be placed on the cave on Saturday 3rd September.  This will have given everyone plenty of time to read this notice and contact me [You're joking - itÂ’s already 19th September as I key this! - Ed].  A new key will be issued when you send a stamped addressed envelope to:- Martin Grass, 80 White Post Field, Sawbridgeworth, Herts CM21 OBY.

A separate letter will also be sent to all leaders.

Martin Grass.

Club leaders

Dave Irwin

Brian Prewer

Martin Grass

Chris Castle

Ted Humphries

Steve Tuck

Tim Large

Ian Caldwell

Nigel Taylor

Mike Palmer

Tony Meadon

Brian Workman

Dave Turner

Andy Sparrow

Chris Smart

Pete Glanvill

Roy Bennett

Alan Butcher

Greg Villis

Stuart McManus

Mike McDonald

Chris Batstone

Graham Wilton-Jones

Guest Leaders

Alison Moody (WCC); Ken Gregory (CSS); Graham Price (CSS)

Cave Leaders

As the club has gained a lot of new members in recent years I thought it would be useful to publish a list of club leaders for various caves.  If you require a trip please give the leader as much notice as possible.

Dan yr Ogof and Tunnel Cave

Graham Wilton-Jones, Tim Large, Mike McDonald, Martin Grass and Richard Stevenson

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 1

Graham Wilton-Jones, Greg Villis, Mike Palmer, Richard Stevenson, Martin Grass, Brian Prewer and Dave Irwin

Reservoir Hole

Graham Wilton-Jones, Martin Grass and Dave Irwin

Charterhouse Cave

Jeremy Henley and Chris Castle.

If anyone would like a trip down Ogof Craig y Ffynnon or Peak Cavern I can also organise that.

Martin Grass