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Hut Warden's Report

Seriously though, in the past few months a great deal of work has been done on the place by the few notable regulars who are prepared to get off their backsides and contribute a bit of hard work to their club, as opposed to the vast majority who just gob-off about the state of the place over a beer in the Hunters and do sweet F.A. to remedy the situation.

Most of Dany's recommendations have been carried out since May along with numerous other jobs.

I shan't be living locally next year and so it's pointless for me to stand as Hut Warden, although I'm quite prepared to take some other post on the Committee... or perhaps I'll just gob off about the state of the place from behind a tankard in the Hunters ... !

Special thanks to Stumpy without whose help we wouldn't have a gas bottle store, a secure key cupboard, 3 working showers, hot water in the kitchen, unblocked drains and someone who's short enough to rest your tankard on their head while gobbing off about the state of the hut in the Hunters.


Tackle Master's Report 1988

This year, a big thanks must go to Tom Chapman who has looked after the Club's equipment during the months that I have been abroad.  He has also found time to construct some spreaders, tethers etc which were desperately needed to compliment the stock of ladders.

The BEC SRT ropes have been used on a few occasions.  They are freely available for those wishing to cave off Mendip, simply get in touch with the Tackle Master.

Additions to the store are 3 lifelines (various lengths), 4 tackle bags, 100m Bluewater II and as mentioned above, spreaders and tethers.  Andy Sparrow has generously donated a new Lizard SRT rope cleaner.

As usual people simply do not book out equipment and so as usual I am unable to account for the whereabouts of some of the equipment.  Perhaps they will all miraculously re-appear on the day of the AGM (as usual).

The Tackle list is on the following page.

The tackle list is as follows (2/9/88): -



x 16

(+ 2 retired and 2 missing)



x 6

(lots missing)



x 12




x 2

(+ 100’ and 80’ missing)



x 1




x 1


Tackle bags (med)


x 2

(+ 2 missing)





Bluewater II


x 1




x 1




x 1




x 1

)  Held by Tackle Master



x 1




x 1


Tackle bags


x 5


Hangers and maillons


x 20


Rope protectors


x 4


Steve Milner

B.B. Editor's Report

I have only managed to publish 5 BBs, including this one, since the last AGM.  I have found it increasingly difficult to find the time to compile and type the material given and this is the reason that I have decided to stand down from the post at this year's AGM.

As in the previous 2 years I have had a lot of support from a number of members who have taken the time either to write articles or to hand me interesting cuttings for me to publish. My thanks again to all the people who have taken the time to contribute - a club bulletin can only be interesting if members actually write for it.

I wish my successor every success and offer my help to get him, or her, started.  I shall now concentrate on working on the typesetting of the Cuthbert's Report.

Dave Turner.