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BEC Pens


Pens are constructed of £2 x 1” Keruing (Malayan Hardwood) throughout with a “2 x 2” bucket rail complete with hoops of 5/16ths” steel rod.  Joints in key places are double bolted for extra strength.

Standard pens are 6’ x 3’ x 3’6” high, giving an 18sq.ft. floor area.  They can be tailor made to fit existing buildings in single or double rows of any length and with slatted or solid sides.  If the walls of the buildings are suitable they can be used, thus eliminating the need for wooden pen backs and sides at the ends of the row. This type of unit makes the most economical use of the building.

There are two bucket openings per pen, preventing the fouling of dry food.  Fronts are completely removable or can be hinged either way, allowing easy calf access.  Pens can be dismantled simple in seconds, without the use of spanners, for cleaning or convenience.


e.g Based on a row of 20 standard pens with slatted sides: -

Complete Pen £33.64/pen

Without Backs £24.55/pen

Without Backs & End Sides £23.10/pen

Double Pen Front £19.91 each

Double Hayrack £19.91 each

2 Gallon Bucket £19.91 each