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Notes From The Librarian

Tony Jarratt

Two new trends have been started in the Library.  One of these is the hopeful collection of a selection of caving videos.  Anyone who has videos which they would care to donate or lend for copying should see the Librarian.  Likewise anyone with video copying facilities would be welcomed with open arms.  Mark has started the ball rolling.

The other new idea is the collection of copies of members personal caving logs.  Much useful information may be contained in these and if they are lost or destroyed it cannot be replaced. Should anyone care to let the club have a copy of their log they will receive their own photocopy free as a safeguard against loss.

Additions to the Library

* 3 mss Logbooks (Xerox copies) A. Jarratt - donated by J.Rat.
* Video - Hard Rock Cafe, Daren Cilau & extract from "Blue Peter"
* Irish Speleology Vol 4 No. 1 1987
* The Jewel Cave Adventure (American Caving)
* Beneath the Mountains (Expedition to N.Spain)
* The Mysterious World of Caves
* Caves and Caving in Britain (written by E.J. Mason a BEC member)
* Trapped! (the attempted rescue of Floyd Collins - gripping!)
* Cave Photography - A Practical Guide (Chris Howes new book)
* SRT (by D. Elliot - tells you how to place red bolts)
* Devenshire Sump Index 1985
* Devon Caves Vol 1 East Devon
* Devon Caves Vol 2 - Chudleigh & Kingsteinton
* Devon Caves Vol 3 - N. Torbay
* Local Caving - Caving in the Crickhowell area
* Speleo Sportive dans Ie Vercors (useful French guide)
* Caves of Derbyshire (1984 edition)

All the above were bought by the Club to enhance the new library.  They were chosen by the Librarian. Anyone wanting a specific book please inform Tony Jarratt.