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BEC Parachuting Weekend

Would anyone interested in going on a weekend parachuting course please get in touch.  When we have a rough idea of numbers we'll start sorting out dates and a venue.  There's a list in the Belfry so just sign your life away and try a BEC first of falling off things while sober.


Club Trip Abroad 1989 Or 1990

So many people enjoyed the club trip to the Berger a few years ago that it is about time we did something similar.  One possibility that comes to mind is a trip to the P.S.M., or perhaps the Trou de Glaz area, maybe even the Berger again.  If anyone is interested in this idea then let me know, tell me which area you'd rather go to.  There's no reason why this should get in the way of the Austria project, it’s just a more caving holiday type of trip that can be arranged as well.  Also there's a distinct possibility that the Dachstein will be closed to foreign cavers in the near future.

While on the subject of Austria, I don't recollect having seen a report in the BB about the trip there last summer!


Article For Sale

Alan Thomas wishes to sell 6 berth Conway Trailer Tentin excellent condition including Calor stove with full cylinder of Calor Gas and Tilly Lamp.  Reason for selling - Too difficult for Alan on his own.  Price £400