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Caving Secretary’s Notes

A lot of work has been going on in St Cuthbert's with Trebor's massive clean-up campaign which is really going well, but he still needs lots more help.  Also, on the 2nd of Jan, just too late for the digging barrel, a party consisting of Martin Grass, Blitz, Basset, Dick Gurner, Kevin Gymer and me (Snablet) had a small find of a 100 ft of passage in the Rocky Boulder area, which connected Surprise Passage to Pilar Chamber and Rocky Boulder Pitch.  Also a small connection between Oubliette Pitch and Coral Chamber.

Hunter's Hole is still steadily getting bigger nearly every weekend with the help of J Rat's noisy persuasion.

Eastwater's West End Series is now experiencing a renaissance of enthusiasm.  A joint BEC/Wessex team consisting mainly of Jim Smart, Matt Tuck, Graham Johnson (WCC), Nick Pollard (WCC), Tom Chapman and me are working at making a Grade 5 survey, bolting up Cenotaph Aven and digging everything in sight.  Small amounts of passage have been found so far, also a small but high chamber, which has been named "The Temple of Doom" due to the fact that the floor seems to be moving and when you have a closer look you find it's covered in thousands of worms.  We've been lucky so far with the tunnel (it still looks dodgy) but we've had one ladder break on us.

Forthcoming Trips

April 1st - 4th:

Easter in South Wales.


Camping at Criokhowell.



April 22nd - 24th:

Cwm Dwr to OFD II on the Saturday.


Staying at Croydon Cottage, Ystradfellte.



April 29th - May 1st:

Yorkshire weekend including a trip to Mere Gill.


Accommodation to be arranged.



Saturday May 7:

Rescue Practice at St Cuthbert's.



May 13th - 15th:

Derbyshire weekend.


Staying at the Pegasus.



May 27th - 30th:

Gaping Gill Whitsun winch meet.





June 3rd - 5th:

Daren Cilau.


Staying at Whitewalls and/or underground.



June 17th - 20th:

Yorkshire, including trip to Juniper Gulf.


Accommodation to be arranged.



Ju17 1st - 3rd:

Daren Cilau.


Staying at Whitewalls and/or underground.



July 15th - 17th:

Yorkshire, including trip to Blackshiver.


Accommodation to be arranged.




Austria Expedition, dates to be arranged.

For further details contact The Caving Secretary