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Cave Photography - A Practical Guide

I have been looking forward to the publication of this book since Chris first mentioned it's gestation to me.  My cave photographic experience is almost non-existent, other than many hours spent lying in cold water for generations of cave photographers.  This book certainly gives the potential cave photographer the information needed to get started, evaluate his (or her) results and gain an improvement on technique.

The photographs used profusely throughout the book are all of the high standard one expects of Chris' work and I thought were in some ways more useful than the text.  It would have been very helpful if more use had been made of these photographs to explain or amplify points made in the text itself. The coding system used to show the positions of the various light sources is a very good idea, but I found it annoying to constantly have to find the chart on page 4 which could have been more conveniently sited inside the front cover.  Perhaps arrows on the borders could have been easier to follow.

I learnt a great deal from reading this book and feel a lot more confident of setting out to take photographs underground.  A careful study of the illustrations has given me an idea of the type of illuminations to use and where to place it.  This was previously a total mystery.  The book was not particularly easy to read but is fulfilling an important gap in the caver¬ís reference library and it certainly deserves to find a slot on everyone's bookshelf.

Richard Stevenson