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40ft Closer To Wookey,  35ft Closer To Cheddar

Two small but significant breakthroughs have occurred on the digging fronts.  Following another bang in Sanctimonious Passage, Hunters Hole, the writer managed to pass the previous limit to find his supposed sump was merely a 10ft long, 2 inch deep pool.  Beyond this, some 40ft of well decorated passage was explored to a stal blockage. Sadly the passage was not large enough to contain both the formations and the explorer.  A further bang at the end should reveal more cave as there is a good echo.  To make life easier a couple of spoil shifting trips are needed.  Any offers?

At our other promising site, Bowery Corner Swallet, we have recently broken into some 35ft of relatively roomy stream passage degenerating into a low, wet crawl with a floor of mud and stones.  This is being actively dug as the way on seems to be open.  Water runs away easily and there is a traditional "good draught".  Digging takes place on Wednesday nights and weekends.

Wigmore Swallet, Halloween Rift and various sites in Eastwater are awaiting attention.

Tony Jarratt  21/9/87