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Tackle Masters Report

This year it has become plain that the club does not possess enough tackle for general use.  In particular we are short of ladder and lifelines.  Situations arise when all of the 19 ladders are used: when places such as the West End, Hunters Hole and other ‘active-spotsÂ’ are rigged, when ladders are temporarily withdrawn for dipping and when there is the inevitable borrow-and-forget-to-return ploy there is not enough ladder for either members or visitors to use on a casual basis at the weekends.

To attempt to rectify this situation a ladder making weekend was organised.  With the help of a few and the advice of many, a handful of ladders were made and put into circulation and several were put aside for finishing. This was a happy situation until some old ladders were retired and one of the new ones had a rung slip.  We were back to square one with not enough ladders. I am completing the unfinished ladders and we have purchased 4 more ladders as we simply do not appear to have the time and expertise to make more.

Six 150' lifelines have been purchased to complement the 2 x 150' , 1 x 200' and the 1 x 60' (now missing). All the old tethers have been retired and 10 new ones of various lengths  have been made.

The SRT rope (plus hangers and maillons) are in excellent condition and have been used only on a handful of club Yorkshire trips.  It is still available for use, just get in touch with the Tackle Master and the conditions for use will be described (give plenty of warning).

One or two grumbles; some people do not sign tackle in and out, some return it in a filthy or rusty condition (4 ladders were returned 2 weeks ago in this state).  It is your tackle please look after it!

General.  We have two sets of Suunto Compass and Clino's, these are about to be re-aligned.  We have numerous tackle bags, ice-axes, snow-shoes and digging tackle, all are available for use.  If you can't find anything get in touch with the Tackle Master.

Steve Milner