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Membership Secretary Report

Although the post of membership secretary has only officially existed for a year the job has been mine, along with the distribution of the BB's for nearly three years.  In that time I have tried to make the job more accountable in both the recording of membership payments and the cross referencing of that information to the BB address list.

Needless to say any system you care to devise would be open to the complex problems of extracting money and address changes from some of the members within the club.  It is interesting to note that every year it's the same group of members who fall into this category, and I don't believe there’s an excuse that I haven’t heard.

Most methods of getting subscriptions from people have been tried; one I would recommend not to try again is the standing order.  These are always out of date no matter many times you tell some members.

As most of you are aware the address list is now held on a computer, which controls the printing of the address label you find on the envelope of your BB.  Within the file that holds this information a record is kept of the current members (those who have paid their subs before the following April).  This record is used to control the output of labels which means those who will receive a BB!!!

The current membership statistics are listed below and I’ll leave Alfie to produce any trends and caving habits from these in years to come.  A complete listing of members will be available at the AGM to allow any changes to be marked up before the list is published in the next BB.

I'm sure the next membership secretary will want to change the way things are done but I do hope that the link between the membership and the BB distribution is not broken as the BB is for some people the only contact with the club, especially those abroad.

Finally one address change: Brian and Lucy Workman, Catcott, Bridgwater. I’d better make sure I get this one in!

Brian Workman