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Hut Warden's Report

The last year has seen regular use of the Belfry by many members and guests.  It has survived numerous barrels, riots and even a visit from the Fire Brigade!  In general the Hut Warden considers that despite everything the place has been kept reasonably tidy by those staying there and wishes to thank the usual hardcore who clean up the mess and all those who were press-ganged into sherpering the dustbins down the track.  The Hon. Treasurer has details of income, expenditure and bed nights.

The present Hut Warden wishes to resign his post at the A.G.M. as he would like to concentrate more on the library during the forthcoming year.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE CERTAIN MEMBERS WHO REGULARLY AVOID PAYING HUT FEES.  They all know who they are and if they don’t cough up at the A.G.M., it is likely that they will be banned from the Belfry until they pay up.

A.R. Jarratt 1/9/87

B.B. Editor's Report

I have produced 5 Bulletins since the last A.G.M., somewhere during the year I slipped a month or 2 mainly due to pressure of work rather than lack of material.  As last year I have had a reasonable supply of articles and I thank all members contributing to the B.B.  I could always do with more but would rather publish a smaller B.B. with interesting and relevant articles rather than pad it for the sake of extra pages. The B.B. can only reflect the activeness of the Club and so as long as we keep digging and going to Austria etc. my life as Editor will be reasonably easy.

A couple of the articles published this year have already been published in other clubs journals. In general I try to avoid this, but I will continue to print such material if the information is useful or relevant to the B.E.C. and I apologise to members who find that they have already read an article in another club’s journal.

Last year I commented on the time it took to have the B.B. printed, typically 4 weeks.  I am pleased to say that this year we have reduced this to about 2 days by using a small printer in Frome, thus making the B.B. much less out of date by the time members read it.

Dave Turner 23/9/87