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St. Cuthbert’s Swallet

Following the gradual clean up of the cave by BEC members and others over the last year or so, the place is looking a lot tidier, especially around the Sump 1 and Gour Hall Rift area.  Eight carbide dumps have been removed together with over 175 assorted pieces of rubbish according to my count.

Now that the place is looking better, it's time to clean and tape the formations.  Past taping has disappeared and a number of nice formations have been trampled over particularly in Long Chamber.  This chamber has now been cleaned and taping is being done imminently.  We'll then move on to Curtain Chamber and September ....... One dirty mud bank recently was accidentally found to actually to be a nice white stal boss!?

Periodic notices will appear in the Belfry or Cuthbert’s Log as to which chamber or part of the cave is currently being spruced up so any help is welcomed.  Tape is available from Trebor, together with sponges and water containers etc.

By the time the Cuthbert’s Report comes out we may have the place in pristine condition again, as its meant to be.