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Annual General Meeting  - 3rd October 1987


  1. Election of Chairman

2.       Apologies for absence

3.       Collection of members resolutions

4.       Minutes of the 1986 Annual General Meeting

5.       Matters arising from the 1986 Minutes

6.       Hon. Secretary's Report

7.       Hon. Treasurer's Report

8.       Hon. Auditor's Report

9.       Caving Secretary's Report

10.   Hut Warden's Report

11.   Tacklemaster's Report

12.   BB Editor's Report

13.   Hut Engineer's Report

14.   Librarian's Report

15.   Ian Dear Memorial Fund Report

16.   Election of Committee Posts

17.   Appointment of Hon. Auditor

18.   Any Other Business

Committee changes 1987

There will not be an election this year.

Resigning:         Mark Lumley
                        Brian Workman
                        Tony Jarratt

New Committee members:

            John Watson                 Proposed Tony Jarratt, seconded Steve Milner
            Richard Neville-Dove       Proposed Mike McDonald, seconded Tony Jarratt

Barry Wilton has agreed to stand as Hon. Auditor as Joan Bennett is retiring from the post this year

A.G.M. resolution

The following resolution has been compiled by the Committee and submitted to the A.G.M. as the M.R.O. has requested that the arrangement for the use of the Stone Belfry as the M.R.O. Store be put on a more formal standing.

Proposed on behalf of the committee to the A.G.M.:-

That we instruct our solicitor to prepare a lease or licence, giving the M.R.O. an official standing, regarding their tenure of the present M.R.O. Store, which forms part of the 'STONE BELFRY'. This document is to be prepared with reference to the following guide lines.

1.                  The M.R.O. may not make any external alterations to the building, excluding repairs to the roof or windows.

2.                  Either party may cancel the agreement, on giving 6 months notice of their intention to do so.

3.                  The M.R.O. may make internal alterations to their allotted part of the store, providing that there is no damage to the structure.

4.                  The M.R.O. will have the right of access to the store.

5.                  Any future proposed changes to the agreement may only be passed at a general meeting of the club.