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Outstanding Belfry Jobs

Main Room

1.                  Re-fix hasp & staple to roof access

2.                  Cut & fix supalux around flue pipe

3.                  Repair leak in roof

4.                  Fix worktop

5.                  Repair water heater over sink

6.                  Wire in fridge

Drying Room

1.                  Clean out

2.                  Fix hanging rail

3.                  Build in air bricks

4.                  Clean and paint window

Bunk Rooms

1.                  Patch up render by meters

2.                  Finish off painting

3.                  Patch up holes in ceiling and walls

4.                  Fix bunks to walls

Entrance Hall

1.                  Tile floor

2.                  Finish of painting

3.                  Fix hat & coat hook on toilet door

4.                  Lag pipes


1.                  Lag Pipes

2.                  Install time switch to immersion heater

3.                  Clean out rubbish

Showers and Changing Room

1.                  All doors to be cleaned down and re-stained

2.                  Re-fix lock to entrance door

3.                  Put up hat & coat hooks

4.                  Make up & fix new benches

5.                  Fix shower curtain to third shower

6.                  Finish of painting

7.                  Rod drain pipe

8.                  Clean out gully

9.                  Fix toilet roll holder to wall

10.              Clean of walls and re paint

11.              Fix tiles to wall

12.              Re-move cement mixer and put in shed

13.              Install new coin meter

14.              Fit new 0 rings to shower


1.                  Build gas bottle store

2.                  Clear away rubbish from site

3.                  Re-build manhole to soak-away

4.                  All windows to be cleaned & re painted

5.                  Remove facia and replace with U.P.V.C.

6.                  Repair rainwater guttering

7.                  Fix frame and hang door to shed

8.                  Cut grass

9.                  Build roof over fire buckets

10.              Fix sign on carbide store

11.              Clean out shed

Tackle Store

1.                  Clean out "all rubbish"

2.                  Rewire electric ring main and lights

3.                  Fix shelves

Did you know, it was June 1985 when the alterations at the Belfry were finished apart from the panting, which the BEC membership agreed to do.  Now 2 Years later we still have not finished giving the Belfry a first coat of paint, despite organizing several working weekends and members weekends in which we hoped you would turn up and go caving, see your mates then spend some time doing a job or two.  The last members weekend only 1 person showed up, which is less than a normal weekend, so much for members weekends!

One Sunday lunch time, a few months back, there was a rescue callout and lots of people came back to see what was happening.  I managed to talk all those with nothing to do to doing some work on the hut.  I think itÂ’s a sad day that the only way to get people back to the Belfry to work is have a rescue!

Perhaps you want to let the Belfry get in such a state that the only way out is to run round and raise the money to renovate the Headquarters every few years.  The old saying "A stitch in time saves nine" which is very true because a small job now can be a major job later. I have not got a magic wand, so I need MEMBERS to come along and do these jobs, because I am buggered if I will do them on my own.

After the roof was replaced on the tackle store, some MRO people did what work was necessary, i.e. rewire lights, and moved straight back in.  After 11 weeks what have the BEC done, fuck all.  So why not pick a job off the list, give me a ring and come down and do it. 

Dany Bradshaw - Hut Engineer.