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Membership Changes

New Members

1085     Duncan Price, Edgebaston, Birmingham
1086     Richard Neville-Dove, Keynsham, Bristol


The following members were ratified at the August Committee meeting: -

1074     Jerry Jones        1077     Brian Wafer
1075     Tony Williams    1078     Mike Hearn
1076     Roz Williams     1079     Henry Bennett

Address Changes

1005     Jane Cobrey (nee Brew), Keighley, West Yorkshire
868       Dany Bradshaw, Haybridge, Wells

The Library

Many will know of the very generous bequest from Mrs. Tuck, a considerable amount of money which was to be put towards "the Club".  A good number will have heard that the Committee decided to put the money towards re-fitting the library completely, with new bookcases, cabinets, map chests etc.  It was thought that this would be a fitting memorial and something that was both tangible and practical.  She also requested that a tree be planted in her memory in the garden.

Towards this end, a flexible system of mahogany bookcases have been ordered comprising solid door base units, for storing "unsightly" papers, periodicals and newsletters, and glazed upper shelving for book display.  We've ordered slightly more than we presently need; firstly to do a complete job worthy of the bequest and secondly to allow room for our library to expand into.  Providing we don't lose books though "wastage" (i.e. people pinching them), J-Rat can gradually increase our collection.  All glazed shelving will have locks and a plaque to Mrs. Tuck will be put on the door.

For those who are likely to criticize the project, a refitted library was considered most appropriate for a memorial - a tangible and useful feature, rather than re-fitted showers, drying room or tackle, for example.  We need decent cupboards and bookshelves in any event.  An expensive and quality set of shelving was chosen mainly because the alternatives were rubbish - formica garbage hardly worthy of a memorial or inflexible bookcase stack systems.  We'd much rather spend all the money on a good quality, useful, flexible bookcase system, rather than tatty stuff at two thirds the price that wouldn't last very long.

The new units should be ready in 10 weeks from the date of order (10 June 1987).

Whilst on the subject, and not wishing to impose on J-Rat's job, he tells me there's a load of missing books; either missing and not booked out, or booked out for months and not returned. Can all these be returned as soon as possible.