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Sturton by Stow,

The Belfry Bulletin Editor
Mr. Dave Turner,

26th. March 1987.

Dear Mr. Editor,

It seems to me that during the past few years there have been those around with good intentions who have been allowed to get away with poking their sticky little fingers into the guts of this club and ending up making a bugger's muddle out of what they think they are about.

Prime witness to this is the present state of the Belfry which started its life as a carefully thought out club facility and proved to be in practice a model caving club hut in all respects, and continued so, until it became the unwilling recipient of grandiose improvement schemes grafted into its traumatified interior.  The prognosis looks even worse.

It might be recalled by my contemporaries that a higher echelon management was mooted to keep the eye of wisdom on corporate Club interests during the annual incumbency of successive executive Club Committees.  I have often thought it a great pity this idea was never implemented.

And now I see that we are about to undergo unwarranted intervention with the institution of the annual Club Dinner.

I find myself in total opposition to any change in the conduct and traditions of the formal dinner proceedings.  The only area outstanding in obvious need for improvement is the after dinner entertainment which has always been well within the province of the Committee and organisers to do something about without invoking this ridiculous referendum.

I urge long established and senior members to make themselves heard on the subject of this Referendum on the annual dinner.

Yours sincerely, 624 R.H.S. Orr.