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Hypocrisy is not dead

Letter to the editor (BB Vol:32 No.9, September 1978 (No. 365)

To the Editor, B.B.

Arriving at the Belfry on the 28th July (Friday afternoon) I was somewhat staggered by the absolute chaos and filthy mess within.

The furniture, such as it is, was completely soaked and thrown about the room, every article of cutlery was dirty and left in a heap on the worktop.  The whole hut smelt like a cow shed with rotting food, stale air and a general smell of filth.

I'm not saying that the type of piss-up that resulted in this mess should not happen in the shed but the members involved (some of them of many years standing) should ensure that the place is cleaned up afterwards.  I hope other members will support any action that the Committee might care to take.  If anybody thinks this is the pot calling the kettle black - I clean up my mess.

Trevor Hughes, Aug 1978.