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Eastwater Cavern

Recent work at the top of the '55 ft' Aven in Ifolds' Series has led to a further 15 ft being found at the top - making the total height about 90 ft.  There is a voice connection from here to our dig in the Boulder Chamber. Hopes are high for a passable route through - probably into the area at the top of the Canyon.  Also, just below the bolt for the ladder - 60 ft. up the Aven - a low side passage was cleared to give access to a narrow, parallel aven 30 ft. high - Aven Skavinski.  Both these sites need more banging to progress further.

A major slip has occurred in Boulder Chamber within the last two weeks ­ large boulders and debris having slid down the chamber leaving a precarious bank of gravel holding up most of the scenery - take care here.

On our last banging trip a party staying at Upper Pitts came down without paying or even having the courtesy to inform Mrs Gibbons.  They were very lucky not to have received the full force of 1/21b of H.E. right under their feet.  Ignorant cretins like this do not help the caver/landowner relationship.

Tony Jarratt