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Bob Cork

Jill Tuck Bequest

In the last issue of the BB the club recorded the sad loss of Jill Tuck, as is traditional in the club her life membership has been transferred to her husband Norman.  In Jill's will she has left the club an amount of money with the suggestion that the club does something positive with it. After discussion with Norman it has been decided to use this bequest to upgrade the club library.  Our grateful thanks to Jill for her kind thoughts.

Tackle Store Roof

Wind has always been a problem in the BEC and this month is no exception.  The strong March gales removed a part of the tackle store roof causing sufficient damage that the MRO stores had to be temporarily evacuated to the library.  Owing to the problems incurred with this roof in previous years it was decided to replace the entire roof, an agreement was reached with the MRO to ensure this was done with all speed.  This task was completed in a matter of two weeks (a record for the BEC?).

St. Cuthbert’s Leaders Meeting - Sat. 7th March 1987

A Cuthbert’s Leaders meeting was held in the back bar of the Hunters on the Saturday evening to sort out a number of issues which needed attention.

1.                  Firstly I pointed out that as BEC Caving Sec. I had issued myself a key prior to completing all the required trips as I wasn't prepared to take responsibility for a cave I had no access to.  This met with general approval.

2.                  Dave Irwin told those present that the Cuthbert’s report should be completed by May and would contain approximately 44 pages of text with photographs, surveys etc.

3.                  Two trips were arranged to remove digging rubbish from the cave and to repair fixed aids and replace missing tapes.  These trips will be on 4th April and 13th June.

4.                  The question of leaders insurance was brought up with regards to whether all leaders were covered by BEC insurance.

5.                  It was decided that the number of guest leaders should remain at 2 per club.

6.                  It was agreed that although preservation of the cave was of paramount importance, the existing system for becoming a leader was too rigid.  It prevented some people with a sound knowledge of the cave from becoming leaders as they had not done a certain route through the cave with a leader (even though they may know all the elements of the route intimately).  Also it was considered unwise that a person could become a leader by completing all the trips under the supervision of just one leader.

Accordingly, the system will be changed while trying to retain the spirit with which it was originally intended and still safeguard the cave.

The leadership application form will be amended subject to BEC Committee approval.  It will be pointed out that in addition to a knowledge of the main routes through the cave the attitude of the leader is of paramount importance.  A prospective leader is unlikely to be accepted before he has been assessed over 15 trips.  This form must then be signed by 3 different BEC leaders.  Final approval will come from the BEC Committee.

The above amendment was carried unanimously with one abstention.

7.                  Finally, it was decided to make the Leaders Meeting an annual event.

If anyone has a copy of the original Cuthbert’s Rules (if there were any) I would be most grateful for a copy.

Mark Lumley.