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The Quest for the Rusty Tankard


This year's competition will be a Chariot Race followed by a 'Treasure Hunt'.  The theme is ancient myths & legends, so come appropriately dressed.  The object of the quest is to locate each of the Seven Sages of Mendip, who may require particular gifts to be presented to them or tasks to be fulfilled.  The final Sage will reveal the location of the mystical Lost Tankard, the recovery of which wins the game.


1.                  Each team must bring a Chariot & a Standard.  The Chariot must have both wheels mounted on the same axle (no Shepton bicycles!). The Standard must be of Sturdy Wooden construction being at least 8 feet high and must bear the Emblem of the Clan.

2.                  There is no limit to the size of the teams.

3.                  The Sages shall only converse with the Standard Bearer.  The Standard may be passed from one Bearer to another at any time.

4.                  The Standard and Standard Bearer are not to be interfered with or assaulted, neither are Chariots to be ‘nobbledÂ’ while parked at The Belfry between the opening and final races.

5.                  The 1st, 4th and 7th Sages will be located at the Belfry.  The remaining Sages will be in secret locations within one mile of The Belfry.

6.                  The Standard Bearer must travel by Chariot during the opening race and from the 7th Sage to the hiding-place of The Tankard.

7.                  The Quest is complete when a Standard Bearer holds aloft The Tankard. 

Please register entries with Andy Sparrow, Priddy.  Queries possibly answered.