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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Dave Turner

In the next BB I hope to have an article on the Trou de Glaz through trips and Wig's history of Gough's Cave.

Also I hope to include a report on the 1200' of new passage found in Daren Cilau at Easter by Mark and crew.  It could be a lot more by the next BB as the end of the new passage looks promising and is heading straight towards the Clydach Gorge.


I'm told by Trebor that the response to the Dinner questionnaire can hardly be called overwhelming - in fact I think he's only had about 6 replies.  This BB contains a letter from Jock strongly condemning the committee for even sending out the referendum!

The current feeling of the committee is that the location and style of the Dinner is okay but that we want a main speaker and after dinner entertainment.  The sketches, such as Oliver, done in the past have all proved very successful.


The new revised version of Mendip Underground by Wig and Tony Knibbs should be on sale by the time this BB is distributed.

Austria 1987

Due to problems with the local cavers last year, the Austria trip will be split into 2 groups to keep the number of people on the mountain to a minimum.  A small combined party of BEC, NCC and possibly MUSS will set off in the last 2 weeks of July to rig and push Wiesalnschacht (Hunters Hole).  The work will be taking over and continued by a second team of DEC, NCC and MUSS for the first 2 weeks of August.  They will be joined by a small group of SWCC members who were active on the mountain last year.  It is most regrettable that numbers have to kept to a minimum but the local cavers were quite put out by having what appeared to be an army of Brits descending on their territory last year.  All clubs involved have agreed to keep numbers low so as to safeguard future access.  MUSS were turned off the Terigberge last year for no apparent reason.  Lets hope the same does not happen to us with the Wiesberghaus.

Mark Lumley.