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Oliver Lloyd Memorial Fund

University of Bristol Spelaeological Society

Prof. R. J. G. Savage,
Department of Geology,
The University

The Secretary
Bristol exploration Club


The UBSS Committee recently resolved to establish a fund to commemorate the memory of our late Treasurer and Editor, Oliver Lloyd.  In view of the importance Oliver attached to the Proceedings we see it as highly appropriate that we use a substantial part of the annual interest on the fund's capital to help with the shortfall in publication costs.

Since the founding of the UBSS in 1919 we have published 50 issues of the Proceedings.  Its standing in spelaeological and archaeological circles is very high, because of both the quality of the contents - it is one of the very few refereed journals in the caving world - and the quality of production.

As we are a student society, student members receive free copies as of right and the price to others is kept low to ensure adequate sales among cavers.  The University provides an annual grant in aid of publication and from time to time other small grants can be obtained.  But with the present stringency in academic finances there can be no increase from these sources; nevertheless printing costs continue to rise.

The quantity of good material suitable for publication continues to increase and it would be sad to have to reject any of it solely on grounds of poverty.  The 1986 issue will be large with the second group of papers on Gough's Cave in addition to other caving contents.  In the coming year we shall be facing a shortfall of around £500 in the printing bill. In attempts to avert this, Oliver recommended increased membership subscriptions, and we are currently seeking advertising and other sources of grants.

Readership and influence of the Proceedings spreads far beyond the UBSS; it is one of the major British caving journals and has an international circulation.  Oliver's activities and reputation also extended far beyond the confines of the UBSS.  It is this wider context therefore that we appeal to all cavers for support.

We aim to raise £7,500 and use the interest to aid publications.  So if you are still active in caving, or if  you still have a nostalgia for the good old days with Oliver, do please give us your support in perpetuating the memory of a very much loved caver.  Cheques small and large should be made out to Oliver Lloyd Memorial Fund and sent to me at the above address.

Bob Savage UBSS President