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Eastwater Cavern

Open again after some 6 months of closure pending negotiations with N.C.C.  A BEC team were given permission to check out the Boulder Ruckle on 30th November and found it to be as stable as usual - no obvious movement on the standard "trade route" but the boulder which had dropped from the roof between the guide line and the short cut to Boulder Chamber appears to have slipped a further couple of inches - take care here.

The only major movement has occurred at the far side of the Boulder Chamber short cut (now widely known as the "Woggle Press").  Two very large boulders have slipped here and some digging was necessary to enable us to return via this route.  More work needs to be done here to stabilise this area.  Take great care here or use the normal route via the Upper Traverse until stabilisation has been completed.

DO NOT use the route over the fields from the Belfry - please walk around via the road!

All smiles at the Belfry

Many thanks to Bob Bagshaw for the donation of a 5 gallon barrel of Smile's Ale to the Belfry regulars on the occasion of his retirement, and best wishes from all the Club.

Thanks also to the Shepton for providing ale and a spontaneously combusting sofa following their annual buffet.  We promise we'll give all the trophies back!