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AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Bristol Exploration Club held at the Belfry on Saturday, 4th October 1986

The meeting was convened by the Hon. Sec. Bob Cork, there being sufficient quorum present at 10.35 hours.


Bob Cork, Dave Turner, Alan Downton, Pat Cronin, Paul Hodgson, Chris Smart, Jeremy Henley, Tim Gould, Tony Jarratt, Mark Lumley, Henry Bennett, Andy Cave, Steve Milner, Tom Chapman, Dany Bradshaw, John Turner, Gill Turner, Brian Prewer, Andy Sparrow, Graham Wilton-Jones, Dave Pike, Mike Jeanmaire, Chris Batstone, Bob Hill, Axel Knutson, Steve Tuck, John Bennett, Nigel Taylor, Alan Thomas,Nick Holstead, John Chew, Lawrence Smith, Alan Turner, Andrew Middleton, Richard Paine, Lisa Taylor, Ian Caldwell, Stuart McManus and John Dukes.

Apologies: Jerry Crick, Richard Clarke, Alan Butcher, Brian Workman, Pete Franklin, John and Lavinia Watson, Rob Harper, Phil Romford, Fiona Lewis, Mike McDonald, Roy Bennett, Bob Bibmead and Georgina Ainsley.

Apologies:- Pete Franklin, Richard Clarke, Edric Hobbs, Mike Wigglesworth, Dave Irwin, Rob Harper, Lavinia Watson, Fiona Lewis and Phil Romford.

Nominations were requested for chairman - Tim Large, proposed by Alan Thomas and seconded by Brian Brewer, was the only nomination and was duly elected as chairman.

The chairman asked for members' resolutions.

Minutes of 1985 A.G.M.  These had previously been published in the B.B.  They were taken as read and accepted by the meeting, proposed John Turner, seconded Andy Sparrow and accepted - unanimously,

Matters Arising. There were no matters arising.

Hon. Sec's. Report. This had been previously published in the BB and was taken as read.  Joan Bennett asked for the present position regarding the Cuthbert's lease, the secretary informed the meeting that we were still awaiting a reply from Inveresk. Joan asked if they could be hurried along, the secretary agreed to pursue this matter.  The acceptance of the report was, proposed by Tony Jarratt and seconded Nigel Taylor and was carried unanimously.

Hon. Treasurer's Report.  This was previously published in the BB and was taken as read.  Jeremy Henley produced the financial accounts which were distributed at the meeting.  Proposed Dany Bradshaw, seconded Paul Hodgson that the report be accepted - carried.  A vote of thanks for Jeremy's efforts on behalf of the club during his stint as treasurer was proposed by Dave Turner and seconded by Chris Smart and was carried unanimously.

Hon. Auditor's Report.  Joan Bennett read her report to the meeting stating that she was impressed by the state of the accounts.  She said that they represented a fair and reasonable record of the club's financial position.  The report was accepted by the meeting, proposed Dany Bradshaw, seconded Mark Lumley, and a vote of thanks given.

Caving Secretary's Report.   This was previously published in the BB and was taken as read.  Proposed Andy Sparrow, seconded Ian Caldwell that the report be accepted.  Carried and a vote of thanks given.

Hut Warden's Report. Tony Jarratt read his report. Proposed - Stuart McManus, seconded Chris Batstone that the report be accepted, and was carried unanimously.

Tackle Master's Report.  Steve Milner read his report to the meeting.  It was proposed by Pat Cronin and seconded by Tim Gould that the report be accepted and it was carried unanimously.

B.B. Editor's Report. Dave Turner had previously published his report in the BB and it was proposed by Greg Villis and seconded by John Chew that the report be accepted and this was carried unanimously.  A vote of thanks was given.

Hut Engineer's Report.  Dany Bradshaw gave an oral report to the meeting.  He informed the meeting that the hut improvements were now finished. Working weekends that he had arranged had been poorly attended and nobody had fallen through the ceiling this year.  Since last year's meeting certain deficiencies had been found in the Belfry regarding fire regulations and he was endeavouring to correct this matter.  The exterior paintwork needs doing again; he also read a further list of outstanding jobs.  Chris Smart complained about the showers.  Dany replied that this was a known problem and he had it in hand. It was proposed by Andy Sparrow and seconded by Pat Cronin that the report be accepted and was carried unanimously.

Librarian's Report. Tony Jarratt read his report to the meeting.  Alan Thomas raised the matter of the mining log, the secretary answered that Harris and Harris were still looking for it.  Andy Sparrow said that the first caving log was missing and he believed it to be in the possession of Mark Brown.  Next years committee were asked to investigate the matter.  It was proposed by Nigel Taylor and seconded by Brian Prewer that the committee look into, and possibly acquire a secure cabinet or safe, preferably fireproof, for the security of club documents.  This was carried.  The acceptance of the report was proposed by Paul Hodgson and seconded by Chris Smart that the report be accepted, this was carried unanimously.

Ian Dear Memorial Fund.  Mark Lumley read his report to the meeting giving the names of this year's beneficiaries. He also recommended acceptance of the proposal relating to the IDMF to be tabled later in the meeting.  The new treasurer was asked to decide on the most beneficial placement of the monies.  It was proposed by Paul Hodgson and seconded by Stuart McManus that the report be accepted and this was carried unanimously.

Members Resolutions. It was proposed by Jeremy Henley and seconded by Dave Turner that £100 per year is transferred from the General Fund to the IDMF to ensure that the club continues to help deserving younger members to join overseas expeditions.  An amendment to this proposal was proposed by John Turner and seconded by Paul Hodgson that the words "on the 1st November providing that it does not embarrass the General Fund" be inserted after "IDMF".  Voting was as follows: for the amendment 26, against 7, no abstentions - carried; for the amended proposal, for 32, against 1, abstentions 1 - carried.

Result of ballet for Committee.  The chairman announced that the following members had been elected in order of votes cast:

Mark Lumley
Tony Jarratt
Bob Cork
Dave Turner
Brian Workman
Dany Bradshaw
Steve Milner
Mike McDonald
Phil Romford
Andy Sparrow

The last two had equal votes - both accepted for committee AGM decision

Election of Officers

Hon. Sec.          Bob Cork
Treasurer           Mike McDonald
Caving Sec.       Mark Lumley
B.B. Editor        Dave Turner
Hut Warden       Tony Jarratt
Hut Engineer     Dany Bradshaw
Tacklemaster     Steve Milner

Ordinary committee members: Brian Workman, Phil Romford and Andy Sparrow.

Non committee post: Hon. Auditor Joan Bennett

Constitutional amendments

Committee Proposals. The proposals as published in the B.B. in accordance with section 7a of the constitution were discussed at length. Some discontent was expressed with the proposals concerning changing the numbers of persons serving on the committee.

Proposals 1 and 4 were voted on respectively and both carried unanimously.

Proposal 3 was taken next; for the proposal 8, against 16, abstentions 8 - defeated.

Proposal 2. An amendment was proposed by Stuart McManus and seconded by Nigel Taylor that the words 'but with the word "nine" replaced by "twelve"' be deleted from the second paragraph of the proposal. This was carried unanimously.  The amended proposal was then carried unanimously.

Additional Amendment

The amendments as proposed by Chris Smart and seconded by Tony Jarratt and published in the B.B. were discussed thoroughly.  Stuart McManus expressed his concern regarding the wording of the accompanying notes.  An amendment was proposed by Stuart McManus and seconded by John Turner that the words "Married Couples" in sections 3a and 3c of the constitution be replaced by "Joint Members".

Voting: amendment for 32, against 0, abstentions 2 carried

            proposal for 32, against 0, abstentions 2 - carried

Any Other Business

1.                  The secretary asked the meeting to ratify the co-options of committee members as directed by last year's AGM in accordance with section 5a of the constitution. Carried

2.                  Tim Large read a statement on the current situation regarding SSSI's.  He also informed the meeting of the access problems concerning Lamb Leer.  A short discussion followed.

3.                  Dave Turner inquired the present position regarding the Cuthbert’s survey.  Bob Cork answered him.

There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 14.10 hours.