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Daren Cilau.


There have been two pushing trips down Daren, since the last B.B.  The first on October 4th-5th, resulted in a 70 metre extension off Terrapin North which was tight for most of its length.  We had to dig past about six squeezes.  The routine was generally that Andy Cave and Barbara would dig the passage just big enough to get through then one of them would concentrate on the next obstacle while the other would turn around and help me dig the previous constriction large enough to get myself through; how embarrassing.  This passage terminated in a small chamber with a tight rift taking a strong draught.

On the 8th-9th November, a twelve strong team concentrated in shifts on trying to force a way up through the terminal boulder choke at 12 O'clock High.  This was made a little safer by the use of a 20ft chimney sweeping pole brought in by Tim Allen one of the Naree River Crew.  After a night and day of boulder prodding and ducking (a great 1axative!) we were in 5 metres and up 6m above the constriction into a small boulder chamber draughting strongly upwards.  This will have to be banged.

On the same trip, Andy Cave and I pushed the Terminal Choke in Acupuncture Passage for about 2 metres. This is in an area of shatter with no airspace but a strong draught passing through.  To date we have dug about 15 metres through this, the floor is rising and we hope to be through on our next trip.

The weekend was polished off nicely with a piss-up and firework display at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The personnel of the digging team has changed dramatically.  There were about seven or eight people from Cardiff University, three from the Northern Caving Club. Andy Cave and I were the only representatives of the B.E.C.  A bit of help from club members would be much appreciated before we lose any 1egitmate claim to a Daren-Aggy connection.  Camping trips next year will be on the second weekend of every month.

We also propose to dig the end of Midnight Passage in Agen Allwedd, just off the second boulder choke as this looks like a probable point for a connection from Hard Rock-more details in the next B.B.

Mark Lumley.