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Provisional Meets List - 1987

Please contact the person mentioned for further details etc.

New Year W/E               Dan-yr-ogof (Mac)
Jan-24                           Agen Allwedd * (Mark)
Feb                               Lakes Week (Tim L)
Mar 14/15                      Wigmore Dig  (Mark)
Easter W/E                   Agen Allwedd * Daren Cilau  (Mark)
May-02                         Penyghent Pot *  (Mark)
May 16/17                     Craig an Ffynnon; OFD 1  (Mark)
May 30/31                     Bowery Corner Swallet; Wigmore W/E  (Mark)
Jun 13/14                      Pippikin Pot * ; Top Sink *  (Mark)
Jun27/28                       Daren Cilau W/E  (Mark)
Jul 4/5                           Lost Johns * ; Birks Fell Cave *  (Mark)
Jul-18                            Bristol Meet (Steve)
August                          Austria  (Mark)
Aug 29/30                     Gower W/E  (Mark)
Sep 12/13                     Members W/E and Brewery Corner or Wigmore  (whichever's gone!)  (Mark)

* Permits applied for though not yet confirmed.

Mark 26/11/86


17/18    Jan Members weekend at the Belfry - Barrel(s) and auction/raffle of Lead Acid Cell and other attractions

17 Jan   CuthbertÂ’s leaders meeting, back room of The Hunters at 7pm.