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Caves reopened

At a meeting of the Council of Southern caving Clubs held on 29th November, Tim Large made the statement that, as of that afternoon, Swildons, Eastwater and Hunter's Hole would be reopened to cavers.  The usual courtesy visit to the Landowner is still required. This does not apply to either Nine Barrows or Sludge Pit, these caves are still closed - please respect this as negotiations are still in hand.

Shepton Buffet

As in time gone past, the Shepton provided us with the usual evening’s entertainment.  After each mortal had had their fill of the excellent fare they endeavoured to pass on their leftovers to the adjacent tables before the 'holier than thou' "I don't throw food about" Alan Butcher could collect them in black dustbin liners to be distributed amongst the third world people of Upper Pitts.

Bob Cork

St. Cuthbert’s

Following the hive of activity down Cuthbert’s over a year ago to pump out Sump 2, little has been done to clear up the mess.  I have therefore started a number of cleaning up trips to tidy up the cave from Stal pitch to Sump 2 in particular.  Assorted rubbish is in abundance, ranging from plastic bags to asbestos pipes to traffic cones.  The plug to the big dam by Sump 2 is also blocked and further efforts will be made to un-jam it, necessitating ram-rodding under five feet of water. The entrance pipe has also been blocked recently but Pat Cronin and I rodded that through not too long ago. If anyone has a mind to, on a trip to the sump 1 or 2 region could they bring out an article of rubbish.  Even a carry half way out would be a help.


Note: Cuthberts Leaders meeting on 17th January in the back room of The Hunter's at 7pm. (Ed)

Twin Titties

NHASA in their usual thorough way have at last re-entered the chamber discovered and then abandoned 2 years ago.  Working on the principle that it took hundreds of thousands of years for the cave to form, a few years spent in digging and shoring a new shaft is of minor consequence - anyway, if it goes we may have to move our attention to some less desirable site, i.e. further from the Hunter's.  The next task is to remove all the poly bags of spoil carefully stacked out of the way two years ago.

Dave Turner