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Belfry Bulletin Editor’s Report - September 1986

This has been a good first year for me as editor.  Unlike previous years I have had a good supply of articles from a number of members and I thank them all for making the effort.  As in most years most of the articles I have received have come from the same small group of members, I shall not name them in case I omit anyone, but my particular thanks to them.

In many ways the quality of the BB is out of the editor's hands as it is mainly a mirror on the club's activities.  The editor's task is made much easier when the club is active and I feel that this has been the case this year.  I have tried to keep members informed as to all the clubs activities within a reasonable time of their happening and as such I am pleased to have an article in this BB (September) on the club's expedition to Austria.

It was a pity that the largest BB for many years was only due to the scheduling of SSSI’s and I make no apologies for boring some members with all the relevant bumph.  It is, unfortunately, one of the most important happening affecting Mendip caving and it is my duty to keep members as fully informed as possible.

My main regret with the BB this year has been the length of time between my finishing typing an issue and the time it takes to print it and distribute it.  I hope that this can be changed next year and we are already investigating ways of doing so.

Dave Turner.