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1985/86 Treasurers Report

1)                  The club has had a successful year financially.  It opened the year with a negative balance of £1633.82 and closed the year with a current balance of £1024.41, a turnaround of £2658.23.  Our overdraft peaked in September at £2402.00

2)                  This has been due to the generosity of a number of members, the hard work of others who have raised funds, the increase in subscriptions and the earlier payment of them, the level of hut fees set towards the end of the new financial year and a tighter control on inessential expenditure.

3)                  I am pleased to report that a significant amount of tackle has been purchased this year, in excess of £400 which is more than all the years together that I have been treasurer and this I believe heralds a return to what the club is about – caving.

4)                  The number of bednights has fallen steeply which is of great concern as they are the largest source of income.  The fall has been offset by the higher charges, but if the trend continues the surplus earned this year will not continue.

5)                  If donations and fund raising for the hut are ignored the surplus of income over expense from normal activities was £902.67.  I recommend therefore that subscriptions and hut fees remain unchanged for the coming year.

Jeremy Henley .