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Notice of Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the BEC will be held at The Belfry on Saturday, 4th October at 10.30am prompt.

You are reminded that nominations for the 1986-7 committee must be submitted in writing to the Secretary no later than 6th September 1986.  All nominations must have a proposer and seconder.  Present members of the committee are nominated automatically if they wish to stand for re-election.

Annual Dinner

The annual dinner will be held at The Caveman Restaurant, Cheddar on Saturday, 4th October at 7.30pm for 8.00pm.  The cost will be £10 per head including wine.  There is a choice of menu, meat or poultry!  Full menu will be published in the next BB.  Tickets are available from Brian Workman, Meadow View, Little London, Oakhill, Bath (Tel: 0749-840815).

Wessex Challenge

This year’s event took the form of a sedan chair race.  With a yell of "Everything to excess!” eight rather Victorian BEC undertakers ran, crawled, and dived around a particularly nastily contrived MNRC ‘course’, portering their sedan hurst “a la Jarratt”.  Fending off all the opposition, the BEC duly won the day again. (The 'Weesex' duly came last!). This was followed by much feasting and drinking and an outstanding performance by the BEC sofa rugby team, once they had decided upon the correct end to aim for.  The winners of this trophy by tradition provided next year's challenge - any ideas?

Wigmore Swallet

The club dig at Wigmore Swallet is being carried on by a few of the brave most weeks, midweek as well as weekends~ and progress is being made.  The club has purchased a number of “Acro” type trench props to try and stop the regular occurrence of the roof becoming intimate with the floor.


Our best wishes to go with the Austria expedition which leaves the country at the beginning of August.  I hope to have a full report of all the new discoveries on the Datchstein in the next BB.

Bob Cork