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Late News - 10/6/86

Unfortunately there has been a delay at the printers with this BB (nearly 4 weeks instead of the usual 2). With luck you should get your next BB on time at the end of July.

Caving films

The BCRA have organised a film evening at the Chemistry Dept. Bristol Univ. at 7pm on Thursday 26th June. Tickets @£2 each from Dick Willis, 56 Granby Hill, Bristol BSS 4LS.  Cheques payable to SCRA and s.a.e. please.

Members Weekend

There will be a members weekend at the Belfry on 22/23 August with a barrel provided for those members undertaking some work on the hut.

Daren Cilau - The Wild West Frontiers.

This carries on giving up passage to the BEC/Cardiff diggers who have now found over a mile of passage this year.  On 29/5 to 1/6 another 750m to lkm of new passage was entered by forcing a very tight horizontal squeeze at the end of " Brazil".  This is superbly decorated with large crystal clusters on the floor and contains 70m of very large passage terminating in a draughting boulder choke.

The team returned on 6-8 June and pushed the side passages in the new extension.  One high level passage doubled back with a pushable side passage leading off north, hopefully dropping down into the diver’s extension. Another passage is leading south requires digging.  Arthur Millet and Steve Allen started the survey of the latest extension and surprisingly after 150m in a NNW direction the main passage turns West.  This was not properly surveyed but continues in that. Direction for at least 400m and the end must be very near the terminal sump in Agen Allwedd.  If a connection is made then the combined length will be over 50km! as Daren is now over 20km in length.

Martyn Farr is going to be filmed by HTV on his attempted throuqh trip from Danen Cilau to Elm Hole. This will be a record through trip, unless, of course, the BEC connect Daren and Aggy first.

Snablet kept the BEC spirit going by arriving at the campsite with a pewter tankard and 3 pints of beer, no mean feat as anyone who has been there will confirm.

Mark Lumley

Derbyshire weekend

Due to the amount of effort put in at Daren Cilau, Mark has not organised anything for the Derbyshire meet. If anyone is thinking of going then they will have to make their own arrangements.